Tuesday, November 3, 2015

By Our Crystal Meditation Adviser Martin Campbell

THE dark nights of autumn (or spring if you live in the Southern Hemisphere) are a transitional period illuminated by two bright lunar phases: The BACCHANALIA MOON and the FORTUNA MOON.

The Bacchanalia Moon is a time of spring/harvest festivals and merry-making. This lunar phase is the patron moon of performers, musicians, actors, dancers and also of shamans and mediumistic channelers ... people who put on a mask and take on a different character for the evening. It is also a time for merry-making.

The Fortuna Moon is the luckiest lunar phase of the year, the time when meditations focus on areas in our lives where we are looking for success or for counting our blessings.

My crystal meditation choices for these two lunar phases are:

1. Joy/excess - Alexandrite Beryl (shown above). It brings joy and expands creativity.

2. Channeling - Angelite. It facilitates contact with the spirits and angels.

3. Fearful surprises - Orange Calcite. It removes fear and balances the emotions. 

4. Positive surprises - Emerald. It enhances the enjoyment of the world and all it brings.

5. Good fortune - Sunstone. It helps you to link with benevolent gods and good fortune.

6. Positive manifestation - Citrine. It helps you to accept the positive flow of energies that will take you to where you sub-consciously (or even consciously) know you really need to be (physically, emotionally or spiritually).

I had a very powerful visualisation when meditating with a beautiful little piece of Citrine recently. 

I was guided to a vast cave where I found a pool of water illuminated by a shaft of light. I saw a marble bust of Antinous laid on its back in the water, so his face looked up at me. I am clairaudient so heard his voice say “remember I am always here”. 

I think he meant both in terms of omnipotence but also within that crystal. I now carry it with me everywhere!

Love and Light

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