Wednesday, November 11, 2015

By Our Crystal Meditation Adviser Martin Campbell

I feel tonight's ZELUS MOON is rather like a journey. So I have made suggestions for each stage.

Fear - Always a difficult one to suggest a crystal for as there are many which help you deal with, or get fear expressed. This time I suggest Azurite. It is a beautiful stone which can help you to alleviate the feelings of fear through meditating with one. It can also help you to focus on the reality of what you are feeling.  

Jealousy - It can eat away at you... Rather than just accepting this we can use meditation with a Peridot crystal. They form in volcanoes so will help you to focus on and observe your jealousy as it rises in your mind. This focus should help you to be clear what the real cause is.

Suspicion - Once you have analysed your jealousy it is likely that suspicions of other people's higher status, better looks, wealth etc. are why you are becoming jealous. Melanite Garnets will help you to speak the truth and allow the truth to emerge. 

Anxiety - You will feel anxious about these truths being uttered - will you be judged harshly? I would suggest you use Iron Pyrite. These metallic crystal formations (often very geometric) are particularly good if you are a man (especially gay men) because it can help reduce those feelings of inadequacies you may have been feeling in comparison with other men. It will help you to boost your own assessment of your self worth.

Resolution - As you relax after this internal battle with your emotions you will want a feeling of resolution. Among many other attributes Amethyst can help you get rid of negative energy and thoughts. It can also help you transition to a new state of being. Which of course can include transition from this life into the next. So it is also perfect for meditating on the transience of life and the narrowing of the veil between life and death at this time of year.

So your journey has hopefully led you to a place where you can experience fun and deep spirituality at Halloween/Samhain.

Love and Light

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