Tuesday, July 7, 2020


By Priest Michaelus Isom

TODAY'S installment on The Heart of Antinous is Excitement.  

There are many synonyms that can be associated with excitement. Many times, throughout his life Antinous would have experienced pleasure which is a feeling of happiness, enjoyment, or satisfaction. 

No doubt Antinous experienced much happiness and enjoyment with Hadrian. 

I am sure the most was when they could be just the two of them alone. 

Perhaps just talking about a subject they both loved. Walking together on the beautiful grounds of Hadrian’s Villa. 

Next, we have excitement itself. With all the traveling Antinous did the pure excitement at seeing all the wonders each place has to offer. 

Then there is enthusiasm. Antinous would have been enthusiastic to try new experiences especially when it came to the different Mysteries that he and Hadrian went through. 

This enthusiasm could possibly have made Hadrian feel young again and who knows maybe Hadrian lived at times vicariously through Antinous.  

When I see the synonym anticipation which means a feeling of excitement about something enjoyable that is going to happen. I picture Antinous about to be initiated into the Eleusinian Mysteries. Or the feeling of hunting the Libyan lion. 

We can’t forget ecstasy a feeling of great happiness and pleasure, often sexual pleasure that he experienced with Hadrian. 

Lastly there is joie de vivre a feeling of pleasure and excitement that comes from enjoying life. 


Monday, July 6, 2020


By Priest Michaelus Isom

TODAY'S installment on the Heart of Antinous is STRENGTH. 

We are not talking about strength in the sense of able to lift heavy objects. 

What we are talking about is strong hearted. A person is strong hearted when they don’t give up, they fight for what they believe is right. 

They are not intimidated, and they let nothing get in their way. 

Another is someone who is confident and determined and is not easily influenced or worried by other people.

Antinous was in a unique position within the court of Hadrian.

Everyone in Court had their unique place from Senators to Generals who were always around the Emperor.

Accountants, Astrologers all the way down to the everyday workers who kept the Court moving. 

Antinous on the other hand was none of these. He could not be placed neatly into place as a plug into a hole. 

We know he was the beloved of Hadrian. He had the ear of the Emperor and for that many saw him as dangerous.

The daily intrigue within the Imperial Court had to be overwhelming. 

Through all of this Antinous was strong hearted. 

He only cared for and about the love of his life the Emperor Hadrian. He didn’t care at all what was going on in the Imperial Court their whispers and lies and because of this many rumors spread and people really hated Antinous for his unique position. 

So, Antinous never gave up. 

I am sure there were times that people tried to influence him for their personal gain but Antinous stood steadfast and true to his true love. He fought for what he believed in and the love that he and Hadrian shared.  


Sunday, July 5, 2020


FROM the 5th to 13th of July is the Ludi Apollinares, a Roman festival in honour of Apollo. This was celebrated with horse racing and theatre plays. Livy writes: "The people took part in them wearing wreaths of flowers. The doors to the houses were opened, meals eaten in the open." So a picnic outside today would make a lovely way to celebrate. Photo art by Keith MezaenAset Hoberg.

05-13 de julho é o Ludi Apollinares , um festival romano em honra de Apollo . Este foi celebrado com corridas de cavalos e peças de teatro . Livy escreve: " As pessoas participaram neles vestindo coroas de flores As portas para as casas foram abertas , refeições consumidas no aberto. ". Assim, um piquenique fora hoje faria uma maneira bonita de comemorar . arte da foto por Keith MezaenAset Hoberg .

5-13to de julio es el Ludi Apollinares , un festival romano en honor de Apolo. Este fue celebrado con las carreras de caballos y obras de teatro . Livio escribe: " Las personas que participaron en ellos con coronas de flores Las puertas de las casas se abrieron , comidas comidas al aire libre. ". Por lo que un picnic fuera hoy haría una bonita manera de celebrar. Foto del arte de Keith MezaenAset Hoberg .


By Priest Michaelus Isom

TODAY'S installment is the fifth in the Heart of Antinous. So far, we have discussed that the heart of Antinous is full of wonder, brave, compassion and duty. 

Today we will add to that of SEEKER. 

First, lets look at Hadrian. He was a man who himself was a seeker. He was the only Emperor to have traveled the entire Empire of Rome. 

He was always interested in new ways of improving not only the empire but himself. 

For Antinous to have been with Hadrian he too had to possess the same qualities. If not, Hadrian would have been bored quickly and Antinous replaced. 

So Antinous had many of the same interest as Hadrian. 

Not only did Antinous also seek knowledge but above all else spiritual knowledge. 

We know of at least six times Antinous was initiated into varies mystery cults. 

Each of these cults possessed their own spiritual knowledge so, within these cults Antinous was seeking wisdom and knowledge far beyond the mundane world. 

What do you seek in Antinous? 


Saturday, July 4, 2020

By Our Crystal Meditation Advisor Martin Campbell

OUR wonderful astrological adviser Hernestus has advised me that the next moon phase is the Capricorn Full Moon which is the Antinous Tower Moon in honor of Hadrian's Observatory at his villa in Tivoli near Roma. 

Hernestus advised me that this moon would focus on sudden events but also a Gay wizard; a widower; a Grandfather; an old sage or a tribal chieftain. Someone who has become isolated and out of touch with the rest of the world living far removed from his lowly origins. Career advancement or success could also be indicated.

Hernestus also pointed out that Venus (love, finances and interpersonal relationships) is in a sexy sextile with Mercury (business, communications) along with the Full Moon which stresses achievement. 

With all of this remarkable energy created by unusual conjunctions I have focused my crystal meditation advice on how to achieve your spiritual goals, isolation, masculinity, love and romance. 

With all of this in mind I recommend that your meditations during this moon phase would be best enhanced by holding, or placing near you, the following crystals:

Agate - These crystals (all photos in this entry) can be found in an array of different colours - some of them very spectacular. They have a similarly wide range of specific attributes. However, in general they help you to connect with the universal spiritual source and its interation with the oneness of your physical life on Earth. It will help you achieve spiritual growth. 

Almandine Garnet - This crystal is uncommon but can be found online. I recommend it because it brings strength and stamina but also supports you in taking valuable time to focus on your self positively while being separate from life for a while (voluntary or forced).

Bronzite - These beautiful mottled stones  help to support masculine energies within your body but also in your consciousness.

Sardonyx - These beautiful stones were much loved by the Romans for carving stunning cameos and other jewels - particularly those representing relationships. Sardonyx stones are perfect for this moon phase because they bring lasting happiness and stability to relationships. They also resensitize the sensory organs.

Light and Life,

To get more advice from Martin Campbell and to find out how to contact him CLICK HERE.


TONIGHT's Capricorn Full Moon is the lunar phase of lofty achievement and remote exaltation which we call the TOWER MOON in Antinous Moon Magic.

Like the visitors in this image climbing to the tower atop Glastonbury Tor, this is the lunar phase for going to the top ... scaling new heights ... reaching for the stars ... seeking job promotions ... stretching on tiptoes to grasp something previously unattainable.

Each Lunar Phase represents a Divine Spirit or Archetype. The Spirit of the Tower Moon is Aloofness. This is a haughty Spirit which demands respect on the basis of seniority and exalted status.

This is the clan elder, the tribal chief, the head of an extended family.

This is the mighty Pharos lighthouse at the entrance to Alexandria Harbor pictured on this page ... proud and strong and daunting every storm ... showing the way through the darkness to a safe haven.

This Spirit is the senior drag queen in a house of young acolytes. This is the rock star who is so famous that he must live in isolation and seclusion. 

This Spirit is aloof, but out of touch. This Spirit is lonesome.

We remember the tower which Emperor Hadrian built at his Villa at Tiber outside Rome. He used it as a Temple to Isis and as an observatory to scan the heavens ... alone and remote from the common plebs, Hadrian scanned the heavens in search of celestial signs from his lost Antinous.

The loneliness which you feel during this lunar phase is not necessarily a bad thing. It reminds you that you have responsibilities ... that you alone must make life-changing decisions affecting not only yourself but also those who depend upon you.

Think of the celebrity or world leader who skyrockets to fame and fortune and lofty heights. This person wields enormous influence and power, touching the hearts and minds of millions. But the price is detachment from others ... shielded and cut off from the crowds behind cordons of bodyguards ... secluded in a gated compound ... sealed off in a penthouse office with a view overlooking everyone and everything ... but with no contact.

Meditations and rituals tonight are ideally suited for focusing on achievement and excelling in your own life and helping others to achieve and excel in theirs.

Tonight's rites and prayers enhance your ability to waken the Antinous Tower Moon Spirit within yourself ... the spirit which enables you to achieve lofty heights so that you serve as a beacon for others ... a lone light which saves others from dark perils.


By Priest Michaelus Isom

TODAY'S installment on the Heart of Antinous is DUTY. 

One of the definitions of duty is a moral or legal obligation; a responsibility. 

I think as Antinous grew older and the relationship between him and Hadrian also grew Antinous realized he had a duty or obligation to perform. 

There is nothing written that because of the relationship he had with Hadrian that Antinous took advantage of it. He did not seek to use his position for any personal gain.

Antinous knew the duty or responsibility he had. He was just a boy from a Roman colony, possibly from a family of no means.

Antinous did realize that his duty was to love the Emperor Hadrian with all his heart.

And this is the greatest example of DUTY that Antinous gives us is the DUTY OF LOVE.

If you claim to be a follower of Antinous then your responsibility, your obligation, your responsibility is to Love as Antinous loved Hadrian.

This is but one aspect of  HOMOTHEOSIS: Gay-Man-Godliness-Becoming-The-Same.