Monday, June 4, 2012


THE SAGITTARIUS Full Moon on Monday opens your mind and your heart to spiritual wonders. 

In ANTINOUS MOON MAGIC we call this Full Moon the DENARIUS MOON because it refers not only to material riches but most especially to your inner storehouse of resources. 

Also on Monday Neptune does an about-face on Monday and goes Retrograde from now until November 11th. 

Retrograde Neptune in intuitive Pisces means there will be an atmosphere of nostalgia and yearning for the goold old days from now until the second week of November — which means the US presidential campaign will be dominated by a desire to return to those "good old days" — which were not all that good to start with. 

The combination of the SAGITTARIUS FULL MOON and Retrograde Neptune means that Monday is possibly the best day of the year to get in touch with your elders — whether living or not. 

The stars are opening the portals between the worlds for you to contact your ancestral spirits, guardians, spirit guides or past-life soul mates. 

On the mundane level, it's a good day to call your grandparents. You may be surprised at the Sagittarian wealth of advice they have to offer.

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