Thursday, June 21, 2012

Antinous Astrology Forecast

JUNE 21 to July 1, 2012


On Thursday, the Solstice revelry reverberates as Venus and Uranus form an exuberant sextile, as do Mars and Mercury. Don't be surprised when an unexpected guest at your Solstice Party turns out to be someone you really look forward to meeting and getting to know.

FRIDAY JUNE 22nd 2012

On Friday, the work week comes to a very pleasant end when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms nice trines with Jupiter and Venus and a surprise-filled trine with Uranus. This is a day filled with good humor and productivity.


On Saturday, ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD makes no major aspects with any of the planets and the Cosmos is uncharacteristically quiet. It is as though the Cosmos is taking a deep breath in preparation for what is coming ....

SUNDAY JUNE 24th 2012

On Sunday, you will want to fasten your seatbelts and batten down the hatches. The chaos on financial markets over the past two years (when Pluto entered Capricorn) and the uprisings throughout the Islamic world over the past 18 months (when Uranus entered Aries) will escalate as both of these planets form a square-angle to each other on Sunday. Astrologers have been buzzing about the Uranus/Pluto Square for months. Capricorn Pluto is determined to tear down all political and financial structures and rebuild them in a new and different way. Aries Uranus is only interested in revolution and change for the sake of change. These two planets will be in a tight 90-degree angle to each other all summer — it will most certainly be a long hot summer of upheaval, rebellion and turmoil ....

MONDAY JUNE 25th 2012

On Monday, the Pluto/Uranus Square will dominate all of the week, causing havoc and upheaval — but upbeat Gemini Jupiter squares off against Neptune, giving the illusion on Monday that things are better than they are. We call this the "Icarus Aspect" which encourages people to be over-exuberant and to take unnecessary risks. However ... Saturn ends its Retrograde phase on Monday and begins going forward again for the first time since February. If there has been a logjam in your life for the past five months, it should break up now. Libra Saturn will be a great aid in assisting you to find balance during the coming months.

TUESDAY JUNE 26th 2012

On Tuesday, Mercury leaves mopey Cancer to bound into sunny Leo, where Mercury will dawdle and go forwards and backwards from now until September. Leo Mercury is like a teenager trying to attract attention any way possible, even if it means "acting out" and being over-dramatic. It is a time when incautious and immature souls take to strutting and prancing and stealing the limelight from each other. The US presidential election campaign shifts into high gear at precisely this time ....


On Wednesday, your interpersonal relations get a major boost when Venus ends its Retrograde phase and begins going forward for the first time in 40 days. No longer Retrograde, Gemini Venus is telling you that it's safe to tie the knot and make a future-oriented relationship commitment.


On Thursday, ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD aligns with Libra Saturn to assist you in finding emotional balance, particularly at the work place and in your dealings with others. Saturn has just ended a long Retrograde phase and is moving forward again to break up logjams that may have stifled your dealings with others over the past five months.

FRIDAY JUNE 29th 2012

On Friday, you awake to bad news on the radio and in even in your personal life things get explosive when the Sun is opposite Pluto. That means the Sun is also at right angles to unpredictable Uranus, and so anything is possible. Fortunately, the Sun moves quickly. But for a couple of days you might want to be extra cautious, particularly when out in public situations where freak occurrences could be likely. Be very careful in traffic!


On Saturday, you might want to put off weekend trips for another time because the Sun/Pluto/Uranus "T"-Square creates a volatile atmosphere. Instead, take advantage of a positive Moon-Mars sextile to focus on the things that are really important to you, such as friends and loved ones, and not on impermanent material possessions which are so fleeting.

SUNDAY JULY 1st 2012

On Sunday, you begin to feel a slight and cautious optimism again as ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD goes opposite to Jupiter and Venus but forms a nice trine to lively Leo Mercury and impulsive Uranus. This is a good day to put the rigors of the week behind you and cleave to what is most important for you.


Another exciting week lies ahead when Mars leaves persnickety Virgo and enters chilled-out Libra just in time for the CAPRICORN FULL MOON on Tuesday, July 3rd — just in time for the American Fourth of July holiday. Libra Mars and the CAPRICORN FULL MOON put a spotlight on the Cancer Sun, which wants to stay home and be with loved ones. More details next time ....

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