Tuesday, September 19, 2017

By Our Crystal Meditation Advisor Martin Campbell

OUR scintillating astrology expert Hernestus has advised me that this moon phase is the Virgo New Moon, the Plotina Moon in the Antinous faith. This moon puts us in mind of our grandmothers, older wise women or the Pagan 'Crone'. 

Many women display great wisdom - we have all met such women or grown up with them.

Trajan's wife, Empress Plotina, was a guiding force behind Hadrian as he waited in the wings to become Emperor. She was not so much a mother figure as a wise and forceful guide who put his feet on the path to lofty heights.

My maternal grandmother was the 'Plotina' in my life. She was worldly, strong, indomitable and totally understood me. 

When my Dad tried to get me to do 'manly things' it was she who took Dad aside and explained to him that I was a 'sensitive' boy who should not be troubled with such nonsense!! Blessed be to her in her next life.

Embrace your feminine aspects - they are part of you and help to balance your more driven masculine and sexual nature. 

Crystals, are of course, often perceived as a 'girl' thing. I am studying to be a crystal healer and have met very few men who study this art. 

As I work with my crystals I call in guidance from my spirit guides and angels. My angels are male but my guides are female. It is nice having the balance - I think I do better work having this approach.

For this moon I would recommend that you meditate holding or being with an image of the following crystals:

Howlite - these are typically greenish white but can be artificially coloured. They help prepare your mind to receive wisdom and insights. Women are often very patient and this is a crystal which helps to embody this in you.

Serpentine - these many coloured/colored crystals (top photo) help you to understand the spiritual aspects of your life and help you to receive or retrieve insights and great wisdom from various sources.

Ametrine - these lovely crystals are a natural blend of Amethyst and Citrine crystal. They help you to unite your feminine and masculine aspects to overcome prejudice and take control of your life - just like my late grandmother did for me!

In Light and Life,

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