Monday, October 1, 2018

By Our Crystal Therapy Adviser Martin Campbell

TONIGHT's Discordia Moon (Cancer Third Quarter Moon) confronts us with the challenges of anger suppressed or expressed (perhaps too vehemently in some cases!). My suggestions for crystals to mediate with, through this period, are:

Jasper - this crystal/stone gives you the courage to face and deal with problems which are causing stress or anger. So hopefully will help avoid the anger as it emerges. There are various colours/colors of Jasper so you may want to hold a few different colours to find the one that best helps you get in touch with the courage you are wanting to find.   

Rhodonite - this is a wonderful stone which helps to transmute anger and give the user the strength to heal the cause. It is one of my favourites/favorites!

Red Jade - this is good for releasing anger and letting off steam.

Peridot - this is a beautiful, translucent, green, semi-precious crystal usually found in volcanic areas. It is, perhaps, not surprising, therefore, that it helps you to relieve stress and anger. It is best worn in pendants or rings so the effect is continuous. 

The photo at the top of this entry shows a pendant composed of red jade "apples" and green peridot "leaves" on a wrought wire silver Tree of Life.

Love and Light,

MARTIN CAMPBELL is a priest of Antinous and an author living in Britain who is adept at Antinous Moon Magic in its special forms of pendulum, card reading and crystal magic. He is the author of THE LOVE GOD, a historical novel tracing the life of Antinous from the moment his tousle-haired head emerges from his mother's womb under auspicious stars in Asia Minor to the moment his head sinks beneath the swirling waters of the Nile on a starry evening in Egypt.

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