Sunday, April 9, 2017


MERCURY is currently Retrograde, which means it seems to be "going backwards" as seen from the Earth. Many people are afraid of Retrograde Mercury, but in ANTINOUS MOON MAGIC we know it is a key to astral time travel. 

Mercury goes retrograde three or even four times a year (usually for about three weeks each time). Though Mercury spends only about 65 or 70 days a year in Retrograde phase, its effects on the Mercurial areas of cognitive reasoning, commerce, travel and communications are profound.

Retrograde Mercury is said to be a bad time to make agreements, make major expenditures or sign contracts. 

It is dreaded for spawning three weeks of computer snafus, travel disruptions and communications glitches. 

The conventional astro-wisdom is that you should not sign a contract during Retrograde Mercury. You should not start a new job or make a big expenditure during that phase.

HOWEVER ... the rule-of-thumb about Retrograde Mercury is that if you made preparations for these things BEFORE Mercury went Retrograde, then the outcome will be fine. If you made the decision beforehand to sign a lease, or register for classes, or purchase a particular car/refrigerator/flat-screen, then you need have no qualms about signing on the dotted line.

Say, you applied for a job and the employer told you you had the job and that the contract was being prepared and then Mercury goes Retrograde. Don't panic!

The decisions were all made ahead of time, so you can sign on the dotted line with no worries. Just don't be surprised if there's a last-minute hitch and the signing has to be delayed because the secretary misspelled your name and so the contract has to be corrected and printed out again.

A Retrograde Mercury period is also a good time to re-work, re-edit, re-do, re-hash, re-finance and re-decorate any "re-" operation involving going back and polishing up something which needed attention.

In ANTINOUS MOON MAGIC, we take this "going back" aspect a step further by suggesting that a Mercury Retrograde period is an optimal time for magical rituals to change the past.

In fact, this is the most magical aspect of Mercury Retrograde the fact that you can "turn around" with Antinous/Mercury and go back and change things in the past which then have a beneficial effect on the present.

For example, I may have hurt someone in the past (perhaps even inadvertently) with the result that this person is resentful and hateful towards me, putting up roadblocks in my personal or professional life. 

By means of magical visualization techniques and the appropriate rituals, I can access Antinous/Mercurial energies to go back to the precise moment when the injury took place. I can re-enact the incident on the magical level this time deftly averting the injury. By re-weaving the fabric of time and space, I supplant the hurt with positive emotions. 

You think it's impossible to change the past? Don't underestimate the power of Antinous/Mercury (bust above in the Hermitage in St. Petersburg Russia) to transcend the boundaries of Space and Time!

What usually happens after such a Mercury Retrograde ritual is that the hurt person gets in contact with you, in the spirit of reconciliation, offering the hand of friendship, saying he has thought things over and wonders if he had been rash. This allows you to find out finally what actually had offended that person in the first place. 

It may be something you hadn't intended in the way it had been received. It may well have been a misunderstanding. But now the two of you can clear the air and finish the Mercury Retrograde healing process.

These magical techniques are also very good for Past-Life Incarnation Healing. Instead of re-living traumas from previous incarnations which block you (or your karmic relationships) in the present, you can change the past-life event to pave the way for healing.

A gay friend was tormented by past-life memories of being shot down in aerial combat during World War II. He was terrified of boarding a plane.

Thanks to Mercury Retrograde magic he visualized bringing his plane in for a safe landing. He could actually hear the screech of the plane's wheels as they touched the runway, safe and sound. 

His past-life soul was able to move past the trauma and to take a more active role in his current incarnation. Not only has he lost his fear of flying, but he is far less fearful in everyday situations, and he attributes that new-found courage to his grateful past-life self.

You CAN change the the past with the help of Antinous/Mercury Retrograde.

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