Wednesday, March 15, 2017


THE Sun and Mercury align with the minor planet Chiron in Pisces this week to empower you to access your inner healer.

By sacred synchronicity, the DVD of the Oscar-winning film "Moonlight" is being released this week.

One question is asked repeatedly throughout the movie "Moonlight": "Who is you, Chiron?" So, when you see the movie, it is nice to remember who Chiron is ... the wisest and noblest of all the Centaurs in Classical Mythology. 

While all the other centaurs galloped off to riotous ruin and drunken oblivion, Chiron alone shared the knowledge he had inherited from the Titans ... tutoring a series of sensitive youths ... Achilles, Jason, Perseus, Theseus, Ajax, Dionysus, Hercules ... an endless list of heroes and demigods. He schooled them in the arts and sciences ... teaching them to be musicians and physicians.

It is said that Aesculapius himself became the god of medicine only through the skilled hands of Chiron ... "Chiron's skilled hands" in Greek "kheirourgos" living on today in the word "chirurgie" ... "surgeon."

Alas ... to use another word found in most Greek Myths ... Chiron was accidentally wounded by a hydra-venom arrow whilst teaching Hercules archery.

Rather than use all his powers to heal himself ... leaving nothing for his pupils ... Chiron voluntarily relinquished immortality and died ... whereupon his half-brother Zeus placed him amongst the stars as the Constellation of Sagittarius.

Grieving Hercules went on to tutor a series of twinkish youths himself ... most notably his beloved Hylas ... who was abducted by nymphs, never to be seen again ... prompting Hercules to search the world ... shouting "Hylas! Hylas!" everywhere he went.

Hylas is the source of the English word: "Alas!"

Drawing on Classical Mythology, Carl Jung coined the term "wounded healer" to describe how psychotherapists must connect with the archetype of Chiron. Jung said that the best psychoanalysts are themselves in desperate need of healing ... and that, by identifying with their inner "wounded healer," they can heal their patients ... even if they are unable to heal themselves.

So, as you watch Moonlight, you realize at some point that Chiron is the wounded healer ... and you the audience are his patient in desperate need of healing.

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