Friday, April 29, 2016


THE ANCIENT Priests of Antinous were known for making oracles, taking auspices and casting magical prayer spells. The Phases of the Moon were vitally important, especially since Antinous was worshiped as a Lunar Deity. Each major phase of the moon had a specific oracular significance.

Each Lunar Phase occurs at a particular time of year and represents a particular archetypal astrological meaning.

Tonight's AQUARIUS THIRD QUARTER MOON comes on the heels of last week's SCORPIO FULL MOON and a week prior to the upcoming GEMINI NEW MOON. In the Religion of Antinous we call this Lunar Phase THE FORUM MOON, named for the Roman Forum.

Each Lunar Phase represents a Divine Spirit or Archetype. The Spirit of the FORUM MOON is the Spirit of the Public Person. This is the Mood and Spirit of a city, neighborhood or work place. It is the combined Spirit of all the people who inhabit that place and indeed the very Spirit of the place itself.

This is the best Lunar Phase of the year for oracles or spell work involving interaction with groups or a public setting. Gathering place. Club. Work place. Any place where numerous people gather. It is also the best moon for rituals focusing on parks, gardens and the outdoors in general, such as working rituals for protecting a back garden or outdoor venue.

It is also the best moon for working spells involving "strangers," by which we mean people outside your immediate circle of family and close friends. The Environment. Crowds. Society at large. Stage. Audience. It represents strangers and crowds. People you work with.

It represents your interaction with the world beyond your doorstep. It is the world at large. It is Internet groups and forums. It is the company you work for. It is schools and hospitals. It is the perfect Lunar Phase for what Chaos magicians call cyber-magic.

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