Monday, February 8, 2016


TONIGHT's Aquarius New Moon is always a special lunar occurrence. Not only is it Chinese New Year, it is also the ANTINOUS OBELISK MOON in Antinous Moon Magic.

The Aquarius New Moon is always the Chinese New Year, and it usually occurs near or on such festivals as Candlemas, Luminaria, Imbolc and Brighid's Day ... all festivals of shedding light on secrets, oracles (Groundhog Day), revealing secret knowledge, news, predictions.

Each Lunar Phase represents a Divine Spirit or Archetype. The Spirit of the Obelisk Moon is knowledge in all its forms, knowledge which is gained through study and learning.

This is the Spirit of education, training, schooling, apprenticeship and initiation into knowledge restricted to a few. In ancient times, knowledge of reading and writing was limited to a select few. Language was a matter of sacred symbols, thus the word "hieroglyphs" or "sacred writing" which was given to mortals by the scribe deity Thoth, whose sacred bird is the ibis.

The masses could not read hieroglyphs incised on an obelisk, thus the obelisk became a symbol of secret or arcane knowledge.

The Obelisk of Antinous, which now stands on the Pincian Hill in Rome, was incised with hieroglyphs which, in the 2nd Century AD, almost no one could read, not even Egyptians.

Yet the hieroglyphs on the Obelisk of Antinous give us precious information on the life and religion of Antinous. It is a key font of knowledge about Antinous.

In the Religion of Antinous, the Obelisk represents knowledge which comes from the divine. It represents the liberation from ignorance that knowledge brings about.

It stands for the Great Library of Alexandria and for all the libraries in all the world and for all the books in all those libraries.

The Obelisk is the spirit of all-encompassing power of knowledge in all of its forms, in print, over the internet or over airwaves.

It is knowledge that enables you to broaden your mortal mind to encompass the cosmos. You are the cosmos becoming aware of itself through knowledge.

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