Sunday, February 14, 2016


TONIGHT's Taurus First Quarter Moon is the lunar phase of young love which, in Antinous Moon Magic, we call the AMOR MOON.

Each Lunar Phase represents a Divine Spirit or Archetype. The Spirit of the Amor Moon is the Great God of Love. Also known as Eros-Cupid, he is foremost of the Gods of the Religion of Antinous.

He is the first impulse upon which the world was created, and he is the beauty and perfection of all creation. He is called Phanes, the radiant being of beauty who emerged from the egg of night.

Others say that he is the son of Uranus and Gaia, or that he was born when Venus was born, and that he is the leader of a whole army of Erotes who attended Venus as she rose from the sea.

But Amor/Eros is also said to be the son of Venus, the Mother of Love, and his father is often said to be Mars, which is why Amor so often uses violence to obtain love.

Amor makes the world burn with the desire for beauty, he conquers all and is the drive that sustains life, Love is Life.

He inspires us through desire, to fight for our gratification, which is why the stag grows horns, to do battle in the time of rut.

Often he is portrayed as a youth with wings because he is flighty and has no reason or control over his desires. Eros is madly in love with the soul, with Psyche, who dwells within all of us, he cannot resist the beauty that is in our hearts and so therefore, he never disdains us.

One of his twins is Anteros ... "Love Returned to the Lover" ... and Anteros can devolve into Zelus ... fear, envy, jealousy.

The First Quarter Taurus Moon is the moon of comfort and luxury and lovableness. It is the fresh bloom of love.

Meditations and rituals carried out tonight are best suited for delving into matters of love and romance.

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