Friday, July 24, 2015

By Our Crystal Meditation Advisor Martin Campbell

IT is the Summer Blue Moon this Friday 24th July coinciding with the celebrations forthe Nile Inundation in Egypt. 

Here in the UK it feels like the inundation is coming. There is very heavy rain here and it is forecast to continue all day. In Sussex where I recently moved from there are severe flood warnings!

So I thought I would write a few lines about water and how it affects our lives in more ways than are obvious.

We know that Antinous and Hadrian would have come into contact with water in many different ways in the ancient world they explored. Apart from the water fed to Roman cities by the ingenious aqueducts (some designed by Hadrian) they would have visited water in some very significant places. 

In my research  into the life of Antinous (culminating in my novel THE LOVE GOD) I am certain they would have:

- Sailed the Mediterranean Sea
- Sailed the Aegean Sea
- Crossed the Black Sea
- Crossed the English Channel
- Sailed the North Sea
- Sailed up the River Tyne in northern England to reach Hadrian’s Wall
- Walked beside the Tiber river in Rome
- Bathed in the sacred water at various temples across the Roman Empire
- Bathed in the sacred Well of Castalia at Delphi in Greece
- Crossed the River Jordan
- And, of course, sailed the river Nile in Egypt with its tragic outcome…

Why is all of this significant to us as companions of the modern Antinous faith? Well, science has proven that water came to the earth on comets and asteroids which collided with the earth millions of years ago. 

It probably brought the microbes which developed into all the life we see on our blue planet this Blue Moon. 

That water is a constant on earth and in our atmosphere. It never goes away, it just circulates constantly through the soil, oceans, rivers, rainfall, drains, gutters and through all plant and animal life.

Every drop of water you drink, bathe with or swim in has been everywhere (universally and on earth) and in everything. When you come into contact with water you are coming into contact with the planets, the moons, the asteroids, the earth, the oceans and all life, now and throughout all time to date. 

Our descendants will drink and swim in us too! 

You have drunk, bathed in and swum in water Antinous did exactly the same in. Of course he also died in water – you will have imbibed some of that sacred blessing too.

Myself and my lovely partner Soman (photo above) are blessed to have been surrounded by water. Soman was born in Brighton, England, beside the English Channel. I was born in High Wycombe, England, beside the rivers Thames and Wye. We both lived in Brighton but have now moved to Glastonbury, England – a town where water has defined it. 

Until 100 years ago the town was an island of a few hills surrounded by marsh and boggy land that became inundated every year. 

You could sail from the coast to Glastonbury during those inundations. 

Since medieval times the hills became known as the borough of the Glass town because the water was so still it reflected things like glass does. They would have said ‘Glass Town Bury (Borough)’ which became Glastonbury. 

The main island was (and is) a steep, breast shaped tor (hill) which, in ancient times was known as Avalon. Here, it is said, King Arthur had isCamelot settlement from where he set out to find the Holy Grail. 

What prompted him to do that? Maybe the story that Joseph of Aremethia (Jesus’ uncle) brought the Holy Grail Chalice to England. Indeed he is reported to have placed the chalice in a natural well at the base of the Tor. 

An ancient Roman glass bowl was, indeed, discovered near the well in the 19th Century. That well is now a World Peace garden called The Chalice Well.

Each year The Chalice Well hosts a ceremony where it blesses water. 

Myself and Soman will be attending (the photo above shows us there in 2012). 

People gather from all over the world to bring water from sources near them (this has included vials from the Ganges, Jordan and Nile in previous years). I brought some from the Well of Castalia in Delphi once. 

With guided blessings, these small amounts of water are collected into one lovely glass chalice. The contents are then poured into the well. The concept is that all water meets all water as I described above. 

The blessings are led by followers of the findings of the late MASURU EMOTO who proved scientifically that water that is blessed is healthier than water that is ignored or abused.

Soman and I have built a pond and waterfall in our garden. 

It is constructed deliberately to naturally attract pond dwelling creatures and insects. 

We already have several frogs and a newt. 

Dragon flies swoop over it, cats and birds drink from it. It has created an abundance of life. It also creates peace and gentleness in the garden for us.

In our garage we discovered a hatch which covered a natural spring water well of our own! We intend to use it to water our garden and maybe for use in the house.

So the next time you come into contact with water take a moment to consider where it has been and that it will have touched all that and those you hold dear spiritually, historically and emotionally. 

It is literally the life blood of our planet and of us all.

Should you want to meditate with or about water this Nile Inundation day I would suggest holding those crystals that purify water. 

The most regularly used is clear quartz which, if left in a bottle of water overnight, will purify the water and give it a higher energetic vibration than ordinary water (which can be very good for you).

Quartz increases the vibration of any crystal if you hold them together. 

A more recent discovery has been the stone SHUNGITE

It was first discovered (only recently) in Japan but is most prevalent in Russia. It is a high vibrational crystal and a very strong water cleanser. 

My suggestion would be to meditate on the wonder of water, and its holy connection to Antinous, while holding a piece of Shungite and a clear quartz crystal.

Blessed be to you all on this day of celebrating water.

Love and Light


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