Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Antinous Astrology Forecast

JUNE 24 to JULY 5 2015


On Tuesday we come to the Libra First Quarter Moon, the beautiful moon of balance and equilibrium we call the VENUS MOON in Antinous Moon Magic ... This is Venus Genetrix, the Mother of Rome ... Rituals and meditations tonight are best suited for questions about your mother or your "inner mother" and also about finding flexible solutions to problems. The serpentine qualities of the "Snake Goddess Moon" offer insights into how to slither around or through seemingly impervious barriers in life.


On Thursday Mars enters Cancer, where the war god feels slightly uncomfortable and tends to pout. Whereas Gemini Mars was all about asserting yourself through action, Cancer Mars is all about asserting your emotions. Instead of engaging in intellectual exchange of opinions, we find ourselves taking remarks the wrong way and snapping at others like the Cancer crab.

FRIDAY JUNE 26, 2015

On Friday you may want to take the day off from work and make it a long weekend when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is in 180-degree opposition to quirky Uranus but also in powerful configurations with Jupiter and Mars. This is a recipe for unpleasant surprises which result in sulking and temper tantrums.


On Saturday you may feel the urge to over-indulge in food and drink when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms a trine aspect to the Sun and boozy Neptune. As Oscar Wilde (Saint of Antinous) once famously said: "Nothing succeeds like excess."

SUNDAY JUNE 28, 2015

On Sunday you pay the price for Saturday's intemperance when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is in a tense, 90-degree square angle to Venus which makes you just want to avoid other people.


This is the most fortuitous week of the year 2015 when Venus forms a positive trine aspect with anything-goes Uranus on Monday .. and Venus then aligns in conjunction with lucky Jupiter in beamish Leo a day later even as the Sun trines with other-worldly Neptune towards the middle of the week. These powerful configurations are a textbook recipe for good fortune in love, finances and interpersonal relationships that reverberate through the entire week ... and these reverberations resonate with this week's Full Moon.


Overnight Wednesday/Thursday we come to one of the most spectacular celestial events of the year 2015. Go outside at sunset and you will wee Venus and Jupiter shining like a brilliant double star in the Western skies just above the rosy glow of the setting sun. Then turn around and you will see the Full Moon rising over the Eastern Horizon. This is the Capricorn Full Moon, which is the lunar cycle we call the TOWER MOON in memory of the observatory tower which Emperor Hadrian built at his Villa to study the stars. This is the moon for reaching for the stars ... seeking job promotions ... stretching on tiptoes to grasp something previously unattainable. The ambitious Capricorn Full Moon joins forces with Venus/Jupiter (aligned in joyous Leo) to empower you to strive for greatness at all levels.


On Friday this high-powered week comes to a convivial close when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms a sexy sextile with incisive Scorpio Saturn to goad you into going out and doing something really funky after work.


This is a real weekend for fireworks, not only because of US Independence Day, but also because lively Gemini Mercury forms a sextile aspect with Jupiter and Venus which are aligned in near-perfect conjunction in fiery Leo. Sparks will fly for sure because Gemini Mercury likes to tell tall stories and Jupiter has a penchant for exaggeration and Leo Venus is a real drama queen. Not that any of this is a bad thing. It just means that this will be a weekend of high drama you won't soon forget.


Another exciting week lies ahead between July 6 and 12 when we come to the Aries Third Quarter Moon, which is the lunar phase of the determined warrior we call the TRIBUNE MOON in Antinous Moon Magic ... This lunar phase is particularly powerful this year because it occurs precisely when the Sun and Mars are in a 90-degree square right angle to each other. If you are someone lacking in self-assertiveness, then ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is sending assertiveness your way on his moonbeams tonight ... so that you can forge ahead in with determination and vigor ... The Tribune Moon is about confronting your fears ... above all, your fear of baring your true self to others. It is about turning your weaknesses into your strengths. It is about transforming destructive energies into constructive ones. It is about finding ... and fulfilling ... your destiny ... Meditations and rituals this night are best suited for finding ways to assert your will constructively ... for the benefit of yourself and for others .... More details next time ....

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