Monday, January 12, 2015

By Our Crystal Meditation Advisor Martin Campbell

THE Crossroads Moon, the Libra Third Quarter Moon, brings you a time for setting a new course and making a absolute decision about the correct direction you should travel. 

There are a range of crystals that help us to be in a state that is conducive to decision making or actually making the decision:

1. Amethyst - Now I appreciate I regularly suggest Amethyst for a whole spectrum of Moon phases and to enhance a range of mindfullness states - there are reasons. 

No, I don't own shares in Amethyst crystal mines (!) but I do know that these magical crystals are extremely powerful as a protective stone. They create higher states of consciousness and strongly enhance meditation. 

Myself and my partner have them all over our house in grids to provide protection and focus. We also have a huge 'slice' through a geode of Amethyst which cost over £1,000 but has been worth every penny/cent. 

This wonderful crystal also helps the decision making process by enhancing common-sense and facilitating you to actually make the decision.

2. Azeztulite - I don't normally suggest rarer or more expensive crystals but this one is wonderful for connecting spiritually when decision making. 

It is, however, highly vibrational which means that new users may find it too powerful and feel overwhelmed, dizzy or sick using it at first. 

It is highly recommended for many states of mind ... if you can become 'tuned in to it'.

3. Jade - If you want a stone/crystal to help you on your spiritual or life journey then Jade is a wonderful assistant. 

It can awake hidden knowledge (buried in your subconscious or, perhaps, shrouded from you by incorrect mainstream religious teachings). Blue, green or white Jade are the colours which will best help you during meditations right now.

Use these crystal connectors to help you to make a choice and go ahead with it.

Love and Light,

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