Wednesday, December 31, 2014


LUCKY Jupiter is the astrological ruler of the Year 2015, ushering in a boisterous year of enhanced optimism and lofty dreams ... even if those dreams may be a bit overly optimistic and too lofty to be achieved fully.

The Year 2014 was ruled by Saturn and you will have noticed what a generally dire and dismal year it was globally ... and perhaps for you personally.

Saturn is the merciless task master and the stern teacher who demands strict obedience. You probably noticed that those people who were flexible enough to yield to the hard lessons that Saturn taught last year managed to come through almost unscathed.

But those who were inflexible and deaf to Saturn's lessons suffered terrible setbacks ... as headlines of wars, economic strife and rampant epidemics showed.

In comes the Emperor! 

According to a rather obscure astrological text called the Galendarjum Oeconomicum Practicum Perpetuum, 2015 is the Year of Jupiter, meaning the atmosphere will be vastly different from that of last year.  

The German alchemist and astrologer Dr. Mauritius Knauer devised his perpetual calendar based on planetary rulerships in the late 18th Century. 

According to his Galendarjum Oeconomicum Practicum Perpetuum, 2008 was the last Year of Jupiter ... so think back to that year and you can anticipate the flavor of the year ahead in your own life.

Astrologers like to call Jupiter a "lucky" planet, but you must never forget that Jupiter/Zeus is king of the Gods ... ruler of the universe ... just as Emperor Hadrian was called the earthly Jupiter and ruler of the Roman world.

Just like an Emperor of Rome, Jupiter brings good fortune to those who understand who is the boss and who are willing to play by his rules. And the chief rule is to know yourself and understand what it is that you truly want out of life.

The "Good Fortune" that Jupiter conveys is not always measurable in money or in ingots of gold. Jupiter is more interested in inner richness and spiritual wealth and wisdom.

Remember the philosopher Diogenes, who shunned outward trappings of wealth and lived in a barrel.

It is said that Alexander the Great went in person to see Diogenes and found him squatting in the sun. 

Diogenes glanced up when he saw the entourage coming towards him, and fixed his eyes upon Alexander. 

The conquerer offered to give him anything ... riches, a palace, anything his heart desired. 

"The only thing I desire," replied Diogenes, "is for you to move to one side. You're blocking my sunlight."

Alexander replied: "If I were not Alexander, I would be Diogenes."

Like Alexander, not many of us are willing to give up our livelihood to go live in the gutter without protection from the elements.

But Jupiter's "Good Fortune" has a deeper and more mystical side to it. 

Those who discover their inner riches tend very often to use that inner wealth to empower themselves to success in the material world. 

All you need is the gumption to seize opportunities ... or make opportunities.

Remember what the Romans said: "audaci favet fortuna" ... fortune favors the audacious.

This Year of Jupiter 2015 is a year filled with opportunities just waiting to be seized by those who are audacious enough to grasp them.

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