Wednesday, October 1, 2014


TONIGHT is the night of the Capricorn First Quarter Moon which, in Antinous Moon Magic, is called the MERCHANT MOON.

In Antinous Moon Magic, each Lunar Phase represents a Divine Spirit or Archetype. The Spirit of the Merchant Moon is Work. This Spirit enjoys taking up a task and doing it well and thoroughly. This Spirit likes to roll up its sleeves and get to work to see that a job gets done.

It is the proverbial Workaholic who lives only to work. It is the eager beaver, the busy bee, the workhorse who hates idleness and thrives on a job well done.

The Capricorn First Quarter Moon is an industrious, no-nonsense, let's-go-to-work sort of moon. It is symbolized by the Ancient Roman Merchant Ship which, alongside the trireme war ship, was the vessel which ensured prosperity, power and political unity for the vast Roman Empire.

Tonight is the best night of the year for working magical spells involving your life's Work. On the material plane, this can involve meditation, oracles and spells about your career, job, your employer or coworkers.

On a higher level, this lunar phase helps you to look into the broader implications of your life's calling. Do you live to work, or do you work to live? Are you able to juggle career and home life? Are you stuck in a rut?

This lunar phase brings out your spiritual ability to function in the world of work in general. On the earthly plane, it reflects your job/employer, your "day job" as opposed to spiritual or artistic endeavors.

For most people, and in most oracular readings, this lunar phase helps to sort out issues involving how you earn your living, and issues involving co-workers and job environment.

In a broader sense, the Merchant Moon helps you focus on your ability to keep your feet firmly planted on the material world while reaching for the stars.

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