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ASTRO FORECAST: OCT. 23 — NOV. 2, 2014

Antinous Astrology Forecast

OCT. 23 to NOV. 2, 2014


Overnight Thursday/Friday darkness spreads across the face of the Earth and irrational jealousies and suspicions are rife when both Venus and the Sun enter the Sign of Scorpio and both of them align with ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD for a Partial Solar Eclipse visible over much of North America. This Solar Eclipse of ill omen which coincides with the SCORPIO NEW MOON. In Antinous Moon Magic this lunar phase is called the ZELUS MOON of fear, angst and anxiety ... and using Antinous Moon Magic to triumph over fear. Scorpio New Moon is the darkest and most serious new moon of the year. In Antinous Moon Magic, we call it the ZELUS MOON in honor of the Dark Eros who teaches us to let go of things without fear ... This New Moon occurs at or near the cycle of ancient dark festivals which are mirrored in modern Halloween, Samhain, Dia de los Muertos, All Souls Day, St. Martin's Processions, Trick-R-Treat and all the other variations of this primeval Dark Moon Lunar Festival ... Zelus energy is not about scaring you to death. It is about LIFE. It is about harnessing fear and doubt and turning them into useful energies in your daily life.


On Saturday love will be waiting around the corner when Venus and the Sun align in perfect conjunction in hot and horny Scorpio. Things will be steamy and passionate for sure. You may not form a bond for a lifetime, but it will be incredibly hot while it lasts. And this is the perfect weekend for starting something new because Mercury ends its three-week Retrograde ("backwards") period and begins moving Direct ("forwards") again. So you can feel confident about signing contracts, making major purchases, making travel plans and starting new projects. And by the time you arrive at work bright and early Monday morning, you will discover that lots of "lost" files, emails and shipments have magically arrived as if by magic ... after having been in Mercury Retrograde limbo for three weeks.


On Sunday you will be more determined than ever to take care of business from now through December 5, as action-planet Mars leaves Sagittarius and is exalted in efficient Capricorn. If you've been putting off important duties, the guilt is unbearable now, and you'll experience renewed focus to get things done. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which rules time. Now you will be more aware of how precious passing moments are, and thus more likely to make a structured schedule. When you schedule your days, time expands. When you just leave it up in the air, time dissolves. Therefore, schedule everything, even — and especially — leisure time so you'll have more of it during this phase. It's also easier to get your priorities straight under this influence, as Capricorn has a tendency to get the most out of what's useful. You’ll be amazed at how much you get done during the holiday rush. Enjoy the supreme efficiency of this influence, and cut out all superfluous ballyhoo as the Yuletide season approaches. Does that sound too Grinch-like? Well, chances are, the Grinch has Mars in Capricorn or heavy Saturn in his horoscope!


On Monday Venus creates a romantic atmosphere when the Love Planet forms a trine aspect with dreamy Neptune even as ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms positive aspects with Uranus, Mercury and Jupiter. As if love and romance were not enough, these aspects also enhance your ability to woo coworkers and your boss into projects that will make you look good.


On Tuesday you must pay attention to your dreams — and also to your daydreams — when the incisive Scorpio Sun forms a positive trine aspect with intuitive Neptune. Take your inner voice seriously and let yourself be guided by spontaneous impulses.


On Wednesday ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD aligns with Pluto before later in the day aligning in conjunction with the STAR OF ANTINOUS and showers us all with his blessings — for a pleasant sign of what is in store this weekend.


Overnight Thursday/Friday we come to the Aquarius First Quarter Moon ... the Lunar Phase in Antinous Moon Magic which we call the altruistic and magnanimous CONCORDIA MOON ... the perfect night for laying enmity and strife to rest ... and open your heart to healing love on this Halloween/Samhain ... which means opening your heart to spirit guides.


On Saturday and Sunday we arrive at one of the most beneficent weekends of the year when Mercury and Jupiter are in a lucky sextile aspect even as ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms a positive trine with Mercury while engaging in challenging aspects to Jupiter and Saturn. On Sunday, meanwhile, Venus and Pluto form a sexy sextile while Mars and Jupiter are also in a sextile aspect. What all this means is that you can expect notification of good tidings regarding future prospects and projects.


Another exciting week lies ahead between November 3 and 9 when we come to the TAURUS FULL MOON. That is the lunar phase which, in Antinous Moon Magic, is called the HADRIAN's VILLA MOON. This is a way for Antinous the Gay God to help you find your spiritual home, the celestial palace you have made for yourself. This Moon is aimed at helping you focus and center your spiritual heart .... More details next time ....

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