Wednesday, August 14, 2013


PROMETHEUS was the first thief and it was thanks to his larcenous thievery that humans are not living in burrows and dens like animals.

He stole fire from the Gods and brought it down to us mortals living on Earth. And at this, the hottest time of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere at any rate), we celebrate the SCORPIO FIRST QUARTER MOON with this legendary act of "breaking and entering with malicious intent to commit a felony."

Tonight is the night of the THIEF MOON, the PROMETHEUS MOON.

In ANTINOUS MOON MAGIC, each phase of the moon represents a Divine Spirit or Archetype. The Spirit of the Thief Moon is the Divine Thief. This Spirit is the stealer of hearts. He sneaks up on others and intentionally relieves them of those things they hold dear. We associate this lunar phase with Prometheus.

One of the Titans, Prometheus fashioned men out of clay (women did not appear until Pandora), and Athena breathed life into these clay men. Originally all men had Prometheus' power to foretell the future (the Greek name "Prometheus" means "Forethought") but Zeus became enraged that a Titan had created a sentient and nearly divine race, so he stripped them of that fortune-telling power and also stripped them of fire.

Prometheus urged his fellow Titans to use cunning and stealth to overcome the Gods. But when the Titans opted for brute force, Prometheus foresaw the outcome and betrayed the Titans and went over to the side led by Zeus.

But when Zeus turned against men and wanted to smite them all and create a rival race, Prometheus betrayed Zeus by stealing fire and giving it to his clay men so that they would have a light to see their way without the help of the gods even if only a few were clairvoyant, not all, as he had originally intended.

Outraged, Zeus bound Prometheus to the rock and his eagle dined on his liver every day. But being a Titan, he could not die, and his liver was restored every night.

In the end, Prometheus won his freedom by foretelling that Zeus would meet his downfall if he mated with a certain mortal woman which is why Poseidon fell and Zeus did not, because Zeus heeded the foretold warning.

Prometheus was the first thief. He was the first Divine friend of mankind. It is fitting that Prometheus graces the fountain at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan. Prometheus was mankind's first divine friend, who gave us the civilization-building gift of fire. It was stolen from the Gods!

Thus the SCORPIO FIRST QUARTER MOON is a time of cunning and deception, thievery, robbery, stealth. Unlike the PERDITION MOON, which is about loss in a general sense, the THIEF MOON is about intentional taking. 

In a very literal sense, it can signify a night when break-ins or burglaries are rife. But most often it represents your inner self the things you rob yourself of self-esteem, self-love, self-confidence, for example. By robbing yourself of these qualities, you are vulnerable to real-life thieves. 

But this lunar phase is also talking about the positive aspects of being a thief, like Prometheus or Mercury. Antinous/Mercury is the God of Thieves, Con Men and Convicts. Prometheus stole fire from the Gods to give to mankind, saying it rightfully belonged to mortals. Mercury famously stole from Apollo and yet charmed his way to "acquittal". 

Tonight's lunar phase is reminding us about the "inner thief" inside all of us the ability to take what we need without asking in advance. It is about getting back what is rightfully ours by means of cunning and skulduggery. We are all thieves, only the dishonest ones deny it.

The SCORPIO FIRST QUARTER MOON is the moon of thievery and deception heading towards the AQUARIUS FULL MOON next week which we call the DONUM MOON of generous gift-giving.

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