Thursday, May 2, 2013

Antinous Astrology Forecast

May 6th to 12th, 2013

THURSDAY May 2nd 2013

On Thursday the Moon squares off against the Sun for the Aquarius Third Quarter Moon which in Antinous Moon Magic we call the FORUM MOON. This is the best Lunar Phase of the year for oracles or spell work involving interaction with groups or a public setting. Gathering place. Club. Work place. Any place where numerous people gather. It is also the best moon for rituals focusing on parks, gardens and the outdoors in general, such as working rituals for protecting a back garden or outdoor venue.

FRIDAY May 3rd 2013

On Friday you can catch your breath as the frustrations of a powerful Mars/Saturn opposition begin to wane. You can get the work load off your desk before the weekend ... and you will be glad because ....

SATURDAY/SUNDAY May 4th/5th 2013

This weekend your best-laid plans for socializing, traveling or getting work done are foiled when Mercury is in 180-degree opposition to stern and stubborn Saturn on Saturday and Sunday. Last week it was a Mars/Saturn opposition which thwarted your ambition. This weekend it is your communications and travel which come in for havoc when Mercury wants to press the pedal to the metal ... and Saturn just won't budge.

MONDAY May 6th 2013

Get ready for a surprise on Monday when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD aligns in conjunction with Uranus in free-spirited Pisces. This is the kind of day serendipitous miracles occur. A miracle is something that seems impossible but happens anyway.

TUESDAY May 7th 2013

On Tuesday you may want to sit down with your boss for a serious discussion about some deep issue close to your heart when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms a positive trine with Pluto. Don't worry ... you will find the words to get your point across.

WEDNESDAY May 8th 2013

On Wednesday you will be glad that you had that talk with your boss when Mercury aligns in perfect conjunction with ambitious Mars in earthy Taurus to give you the wherewithal and gumption you need to implement that project your boss dropped into your lap.

THURSDAY May 9th 2013

On Thursday the mood in your interpersonal relationships shifts abruptly when love planet Venus leaves overly comfy Taurus and wings her way into Gemini. The next four weeks will be a time of change and variety in relationships, with special emphasis on flirting and online dating. And since Gemini is the Sign of the Twins, you may find yourself jugging two (or more) relationships simultaneously.

FRIDAY May 10th 2013

On Friday the Moon aligns with the Sun in Taurus for an annular (or partial) Solar Eclipse visible over Australia and New Zealand. In Antinous Moon Magic we call the TAURUS NEW MOON the MARCUS AURELIUS MOON because he was a man of judicious might and justice, a warrior and a poet, a man whose reign was called a Golden Age. The TAURUS NEW MOON highlights Taurean qualities (determined, practical, devoted, grounded, dependable) and 2nd House themes (material security, values, self-worth). On a spiritual/higher plane, the New Moon in Taurus seeks inner peace through stability and contentment.

SATURDAY May 11th 2013

On Saturday the weekend gets off to a splendid start when Mercury and the Sun align in perfect conjunction in Taurus ... the Zodiac's comfort zone. But don't get too comfortable because ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD will form aspects to unpredictable Neptune and impulsive Uranus which could hold some surprises. Unexpected guests could appear on your doorstep.

SUNDAY May 12th 2013

On Sunday you can forget about your diet when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD aligns in perfect conjunction with exaggeration-prone Jupiter in convivial Gemini. This is a recipe for over-indulgence and excess in food, drink and spending money.


Another exciting week lies ahead between May 13th and 19th when Mercury leaves stodgy Taurus and flies into his home sign of Gemini ... where the Messenger God will enhance communications, business transactions and travel plans. More details next time ....

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