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TONIGHT's alignment of Mercury with Venus is one of the most beautiful astrological configurations in ANTINOUS MOON MAGIC.

Of course, it is special in conventional, heterosexual astrology as well. This is when a straight astrologer suggests you should assert your feelings, put your love into words and sit down with others to talk about issues in personal or business relationships.

But for gay, lesbian and especially transgender people, Mercury-aligned-with-Venus is a celestial moment when the cosmos shines a big bright spotlight on how we feel every day of our lives. It is the merging of Mercury/Hermes and Venus/Aphrodite ... to produce Hermaphroditus ... the original "Two Spirit" deity of Classical Greece and Rome.

There are many stories about Hermaphroditus. He/She is said to be the transgender child of Hermes and Aphrodite by some. Sometimes, Hermaphroditus is referred to as Aphroditus. Other times, the phallic god Priapus is the son of Hermes in some accounts, and the youthful god of desire Eros of Hermes and Aphrodite in other accounts.

Ovid's account relates that Hermaphroditus was born as a biological male and was nursed by naiads in the caves of Mount Ida, a sacred mountain in Phrygia (present day Turkey). At the age of 15, he grew bored with his surroundings and traveled to the cities of Lycia and Caria. It was in the woods of Caria, near Halicarnassus (modern Bodrum, Turkey) that he encountered the nymph, Salmacis, in her pool.

She was overcome by lust for the boy, who was very handsome but still young, and tried to seduce him, but was rejected.

When he thought her to be gone, Hermaphroditus undressed and entered the waters of the empty pool. Salmacis sprang out from behind a tree and jumped into the pool. She wrapped herself around the boy, forcibly kissing him and touching his breast.

While he struggled, she called out to the gods that they should never part. Her wish was granted, and their bodies blended into one form, "a creature of both sexes".

Hermaphroditus prayed to Hermes and Aphrodite that anyone else who bathed in the pool would be similarly transformed, and his wish was granted.

Hadrian and Antinous scaled sacred Mount Ida, home of the Great Mother of the Gods, and spot where Phrygian Prince Ganymede was taken up by Zeus to be his immortal lover.

Mount Ida is the most sacred of three mountains in Phrygia including Didymus, and Agdistis, named for Zeus's hermaphroditic offspring Agdistis whose powers so frightened the gods that they chopped off her male genitals. She was served by transgender priest(esse)s ... whom Antinous and Hadrian consulted for they were famed for their oracular insights.

Tonight's celestial alignment of Mercury and Venus is a magical night for meditations and rituals concerning gender issues. 

Hermaphroditus is often portrayed looking into a mirror ... delving into the inner spiritual and divine meaning of her/his identity. Tonight is the night to do some scrying into your own divine mirror.

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