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FROM an astrological viewpoint, the Year 2013 is "THE YEAR OF THE MOON" when the Moon rules the Zodiac, ushering in 12 months of soul-searching and swirling emotional undercurrents. While 2013 may not be as turbulent as recent years, things will be happening behind the scenes, on an Unconscious level, which will erupt to the surface in 2014, '15 and '16.

According to a rather obscure astrological text called the Galendarjum Oeconomicum Practicum Perpetuum, each year is ruled by a planet (Mars, Venus, etc.) and 2012 was the "The Year of Mercury." Now it's the Moon's turn.

The German alchemist and astrologer Dr. Mauritius Knauer devised this perpetual calendar based on planetary rulerships in the late 18th Century.

According to his calculations, the year 2013 is the "YEAR OF THE MOON" ... thus the Year of Antinous the Moon God. That means 2013 is a year of intense emotions, intuition, reflection, a year ruled by the Unconscious Mind.

That is underscored by a very rare lunar phenomenon: The moon was "Void of Course" at midnight on New Year's Eve everywhere in the world except the Far East ... which makes the Year 2013 a very unusual year.

Astrologers are hard-pressed to remember the last time that a "VOC Moon" coincided with the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve basically all over the Western Hemisphere (midnight had already passed in Asia so they were safe). It hasn't happened in decades, about a century in fact.

This signals a year much like 1913 ... a seemingly quiet year when nothing much seemed to happen ... but which in retrospect turned out to be the decisive year which paved the way for tremendous upheavals ... 2013 will be just such a year ... a year when you must heed your dreams ... pay attention to daydreams and "coincidences" ... silence the chatter of your Conscious Mind ... and allow the Moon to speak to you through your powerful Unconscious Mind ....

So 2013 is a year of DREAM MOONS ... which is perfect for Antinous Moon Magic ... when each of the 12 FULL MOONS of the year enables you to dream a special dream ...

JANUARY DREAM MOON ... The Leo Full Moon on January 26th is what we call the LION HUNT moon in Antinous Moon Magic. This is the full moon for achieving dreams of recognition, love and respect.

FEBRUARY DREAM MOON ... The Virgo Full Moon on February 25th is the DIANA MOON in Antinous Moon Magic, the lunar cycle for fulfilling dreams concerning protection of the environment, not only the plants and animals around you, but also your personal and relationship environment.

MARCH DREAM MOON ... The Libra Full Moon occurs on March 27th and is the lunar cycle we call the ORATOR MOON of diplomacy and balanced thinking. This is the perfect time for fulfilling dreams of finding just the right partner, the person who balances out your needs and desires perfectly.

APRIL DREAM MOON ... On April 25th the Moon is opposite the sun for the Scorpio Full Moon which we call the ENEMY MOON. As daunting as that sounds, this moon shines its light on the inner enemies within you ... habits, thought patterns and behavior which work against you and hold you back. This is the perfect lunar cycle for vanquishing your inner enemies ... so that you can move forward in life.

MAY DREAM MOON ... The Sagittarius Full Moon on May 25th is our DENARIUS MOON, the classic "Money Moon" of ancient lore. This is the best time to fulfill dreams for achieving the riches you have always sought ... and remember that "riches" are not counted in terms of money, but in terms of the wealth of love and warmth you give to others.

JUNE DREAM MOON ... The June 23rd Capricorn Full Moon is the lunar cycle we call the TOWER MOON in memory of the observatory tower which Emperor Hadrian built at his Villa to study the stars. This is the dream moon for reaching for the stars ... seeking job promotions ... stretching on tiptoes to grasp something previously unattainable.

JULY DREAM MOON ... The Aquarius Full Moon on July 22nd is the moon we call the DONUM MOON ... the best dream moon for wishing for that special gift ... a little extra something ... to make life a bit sweeter.

AUGUST DREAM MOON ... There are two Aquarius Full Moons in succession this year, which makes the second one August 21st the ANTINOUS SUMMER BLUE MOON ... and it coincides with the Sacred Lion Hunt when Hadrian and Antinous slew a man-eating lion in Egypt. This is the extra special dream moon for making extra big wishes ... dare to think big!

SEPTEMBER DREAM MOON ... The September 19th Pisces Full Moon is the sexy HOMOTHEOSIS MOON ... when your sexual dreams can come true. This is when you can dare to dream that the man of your dreams comes to you.

OCTOBER DREAM MOON ... This year, Antinous the Moon God skips a sign and goes right from Pisces to Taurus ... bypassing the Aries Full Moon altogether. We call this October 18th full moon in Taurus the ANTINOUS AUTUMN BLUE MOON in the Northern Hemisphere ... the Spring Blue Moon for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, of course! It is the moon of transitions ... a time when your dreams of finally making a big change in life can come to fruition.

NOVEMBER DREAM MOON ... The second Taurus Full Moon in succession occurs on November 17th and we call it the HADRIAN'S VILLA MOON because it represents a time of coming home to hearth and comfort. How about those long-held wishes you have of finding a dream home? This is a good full moon for making them reality.

DECEMBER DREAM MOON ... The final full moon of 2013 "The Year of the Moon" is the Gemini Full Moon on December 17th. In Antinous Moon Magic, we call this the CATAMITUS MOON, named after Ganymede, the youth who was swept away to Olympus to become Jupiter's beloved cup-bearer. This full moon is ideal for throwing caution to the winds and making a really big move ... next stop ... Olympus!

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