Tuesday, July 3, 2012



ANTINOUS wears many hats — the winged cap of Mercury, the Phrygian cap of Mithras and the farmer's sun hat of Aristaeus, to name just three. 

One of those hats is the battle helmet of Mars the Warrior God.  

Mars left overly critical and persnickety Virgo on Tuesday July 3rd and sailed into laid-back Libra, where it will languish rather fitfully and restlessly until August 23rd.

The really good news is that the Warrior God is no longer in Virgo, ending eight long months of carping and complaining and guilt-tripping. And perfectionism! Mars was in Virgo so very long because of Retrograde phases. Now all of that is over ....

So newspaper astrologers are saying Libra Mars will make the world more diplomatic and peace-loving. The Martian aggressiveness will be aimed at achieving peace and harmony and beauty.

All of which is true. But there is another side to it. When talking about Libra, there is always another side to things. Libra is by definition about seeing all sides to every issue and striving to reach balance and harmony. Libra is the sign of the diplomat, the mediator, the charmer.

And that means Libra Mars uses his charms to persuade you to accede to harmony and peace and beauty but only the sort of harmony, peace and beauty that Libra Mars wants to achieve.

Libra Mars is the personification of passive-aggressiveness. If a frontal assault is hopeless, then Libra Mars uses guile, charm and sweet-talking white lies to convince others to do what Libra Mars wants them to do.

Antinous/Mars in Libra reminds us that the true-life Antinous was a charmer who was able to wrap the most powerful man in the world around his little finger. 

Libra Mars in the coming seven weeks will be reminding us that a smile, a wink, a bit of humor and a very large dose of charm can be far more effective than outright aggression when it comes to asserting our will and achieving peace, harmony and balance.

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