Saturday, December 30, 2017


FROM an astrological viewpoint, the Year 2018 is ushering in an opportunity to enhance human relationships on both a personal and an economic level.

According to a rather obscure astrological text called the "Galendarjum Oeconomicum Practicum Perpetuum," the Year 2018 is the "Year of Venus."

The Year 2015 was the "Year of Jupiter" and 2016 it was Mars's turn to take over, then 2017 was the year of the Sun. Now it is the Year of Venus.

While political upheaval and emotional turmoil were the themes of 2017, the year 2018 promises to have a potential for harmony ... but only if we are able to rein in the negative Venus qualities of envy, over-protectiveness, jealousy and greed.

Venus is all about pleasure, especially pleasure shared with someone else.

This planet concerns itself with love, romance and harmony in our emotional attachments, marriages, friendships and other unions (like business partnerships).

Venus is content to spread happiness and tenderness, all the while teaching us how to love and appreciate others and the things that we possess.

We appear attractive ... and we attract others ... thanks to Venus's energy. Socializing with and relating to others are important to this planet.

Beauty is also strongly associated with Venus. The arts (music, dance, drama and literature, to name a few) and a sense of the aesthetic fall within the realm of Venus.

Venus beseeches us to indulge our senses and revel in the beauty of our world. This planet is inextricably linked to refinement, culture, charm and grace.

Venus also deals with the pleasure we derive from our possessions. Luxuries (jewelry, paintings, expensive cars), good food and drink, a beautiful home and a sense of refinement all please Venus's interests.

This planet asks us to appreciate the exquisite nature of things. It's a sensual ... though not necessarily sexual ... world as far as Venus is concerned. 

So, the entire Year of 2018 will be experienced through the rose-colored filter gel of the love goddess Venus. Be sure to follow this blog for weekly updates on how Venus interacts with all the other planets!


  1. Really hoping that this New Year will be a true change for all the little fishes and crabs in the World.

    1. Thank you and much love and light to you in 2018!