Thursday, June 1, 2017

By Our Crystal Meditation Advisor Martin Campbell

PUT on your ruby slippers because our astrological expert Hernestus tells me that this moon phase is the Moon of Melancholy. Don't despair though, sadness can be lessened in many ways ... and red rubies help. 

This Moon will help you to identify your sadness and find solutions to it. Crystal mediation will definitely help you to achieve this.

We all experience sadness even if it is over something trivial. Don't be afraid to embrace the emotion. Each emotion is the gate to a different emotion. 

If you constantly block out your sadness how can you ever expect to open the door to happiness? Observe your sadness and understand it. 

I suggest using any of the following crystals to assist and guide you as you meditate on your sadness:

Red Jasper - these stones will help you see problems before they affect you too directly. They also help you to be insightful about your current situation/s.

Sodalite - these dark blue stones are sometimes flecked with white and have a strong intensity. They will help release you from the emotional conditioning that you have imposed upon yourself (I am too fat, too skinny, too old, too ugly etc. etc.). They will help to bring you to the objective truth about yourself and will help you to communicate that truth to yourself and others.

Ruby - these much prized crystals (top photo) can help you to reach a positive and creative state of mind. It will protect you during times of conflict or dispute.

Love and Light

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