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Antinous Astrology Forecast

MAY 18th-JUNE 4th, 2017

THURSDAY, May 18, 2017

On Wednesday opportunity knocks at the door when Venus shifts into opposition to Jupiter. This configuration boosts opportunities for lucrative job advancement ... but only if you are open to such opportunities. Also, the Venus-opposition-Jupiter aspect is a textbook warning about over-indulgence and over-spending. In addition, overnight Wednesday-Thursday the Moon squares off against the Sun for the Aquarius Third Quarter Moon which in Antinous Moon Magic we call the FORUM MOON. This is the best Lunar Phase of the year for oracles or spell work involving interaction with groups or a public setting. Gathering place. Club. Work place. Any place where numerous people gather. It is also the best moon for rituals focusing on parks, gardens and the outdoors in general, such as working rituals for protecting a back garden or outdoor venue.

FRIDAY, May 19th, 2017

On Friday the Saturn-Trine-Uranus aspect that has dominated 2017 is in full force again. Are you afraid of failure? Are you trapped in a vicious circle of fear and doubt? Remember Icarus! Right now Saturn Trine Uranus encourages you to take a big risk, just as Icarus did. We call this configuration the ICARUS ASPECT. Priests of Antinous say: Don't condemn Icarus for flying too high. Praise him for daring to escape the imprisoning labyrinth of darkness and despair.

SAT-SUNDAY, May 20-21, 2017

By the time Sun enters Gemini this weekend each of you ... whatever your age and star sign ... will realize the truth that this year's YEAR OF THE SUN is a STRONG year and is creating MAJOR changes in your life. The only problem for "some" stubborn people will be refusing to go along with the changes … even so … it's going to happen anyway. During Sun in Taurus last monthmany of you will have experienced good changes and good coincidences ... you will also have experienced moments of clarity and truth … and ... anything that needs changing you will have seen it and done something about it. The good news is that during Sun in Gemini 21st May to 20th June 2017 everything happens much easier … that's because Gemini is an OPEN star sign that creates changes via communication.

MON-WEDNESDAY, May 22-24, 2017

This week will be explosive when Venus and Pluto square off at a 90-degree right angle. This creates an explosive situation for interpersonal relationships. It begins at the breakfast table over corn flakes when you say you want to go shopping and your alpha-male boyfriend starts in saying that it's typical of you to go off and spend money and waste time while he has to clean the house. Next thing you know, the two of you have been screaming at each other for hours. Remember that I said astrology is a tool to master such situations. Venus-square-Pluto is a golden opportunity to rediscover the things you love about your lover. Okay, so he's a bitch-on-wheels. So what? He's your bitch-on-wheels and the two of you love each other. Make a stab at helping him clean the house — and sneak online and buy needless stuff on eBay when he's not looking.

THURS-FRIDAY, May 25-26, 2017

Overnight Thursday-Friday we come to the Gemini New Moon — a good time to set a goal for the coming four weeks. And given the presence of Gemini energy, it's an auspicious time to begin gathering the information you will need to set this mission in motion. In Antinous Moon Magic we call the Gemini New Moon the MERCURY/HERMES MOON because the mercurial and seemingly fickle energy of Gemini is in the spotlight during this New Moon period, amping up agitation and nervous energy.

SAT-SUNDAY, May 27-28, 2017

This weekend your intuition is enhanced when Mercury forms a sextile aspect with dreamy Neptune. You should trust your intuition about financial and business matters, but be wary of fast-talking con-men who try to cloud your mind. You can count on finding the right word at the right time by trusting your inner voice.

MONDAY, May 29th, 2017

On Monday the world comes to a screeching stop when Mars is in opposition to Saturn, a once-yearly occurrence which always brings things to a temporary standstill. Gemini Mars wants to press the pedal to the metal, but Sagittarius Saturn has both feet firmly on the brake. Mars is action-oriented while Saturn is slow and cautious. This configuration creates frustration on the global level as well as in your own personal life. Just be patient and it will pass.

TUESDAY, May 30th, 2017

On Tuesday dreams really can come true when ambitious Mars forms a positive sextile aspect with impulsive, anything-goes Uranus. This powerful configuration throws open all the doors and windows so that a breath of fresh air comes blowing through your life on all levels ... at work and also in your interpersonal relationships. Uranus throws everything up in the air and opens new possibilities.

WEDNESDAY, May 31st, 2017

On Wednesday be careful about confiding in others, because Mercury-trine-Pluto means all secrets will be revealed.

THURSDAY, June 1st, 2017

On Thursday social-minded Taurus Venus forms a productive trine aspect with Sagittarius Saturn. Venus trine Saturn helps you perceive whom you can trust for the long run.

FRIDAY, June 2nd, 2017

On Friday we come to the Virgo First Quarter Moon. This is the Lunar Phase we call the MOON OF MELANCHOLY ... but don't worry ... it can be your "lucky" moon ... In English-speaking countries, "Melancholy" is almost a dirty word. Puritan upbringing has conditioned us to grin and bear it, to adopt a stiff-upper-lip attitude ... Other cultures are not so uptight about acknowledging this feeling of sadness. They realize it is a necessary part of life. It is what the French call "larmoyant" — a lovely word which suggests there is great beauty in sadness ... For example, crying at the movies is very beautiful and cleansing for the soul ... it is cathartic and healthy ... Meditations and rituals on this night are best suited for identifying the source of sadness in your life. If you find the source of sadness in your life, then this Lunar Phase provides you with the energy to effect changes which will move you out of melancholy into the next lunar phase.

SATURDAY, June 3rd, 2017

On Saturday Venus aligns with Uranus even as the Sun is in a trine aspect to Jupiter which means this may be your lucky day when Mr. Right steps into your life. Anything is possible in love and money today: a hot new love affair, a lucrative business deal or a sudden financial gain.

SUNDAY, June 4th, 2017

On Sunday Mars enters Cancer, where the war god feels slightly uncomfortable and tends to pout. Whereas Gemini Mars was all about asserting yourself through action, Cancer Mars is all about asserting your emotions. Instead of engaging in intellectual exchange of opinions, we find ourselves taking remarks the wrong way and snapping at others like the Cancer crab. Mars remains in Cancer until 5th September, when it will enter duty-obsessed Virgo.


Another exciting week lies ahead between June 5th and 11th when we come to the SAGITTARIUS FULL MOON which we call the DENARIUS MOON because it focuses its light on treasures in your life. And because major planets are Retrograde right now, this Full Moon is the best time of the year to use ANTINOUS MOON MAGIC to open your heart to ancestral spirits, , guardians, spirit guides or past-life soul mates. They have a "treasure" of experience which they will lovingly impart to you ... More details next time ....

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