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ASTRO FORECAST: NOVEMBER 10th — 27th, 2016

Antinous Astrology Forecast

NOVEMBER 10-27, 2016

THURS.-FRIDAY NOVEMBER 10th-11th, 2016

The latter half of this week takes on a coolly logical tone when Mars leaves stodgy Capricorn and enters rational, logical Aquarius — the Warrior Planet Mars becomes First Officer Spock! Aquarius Mars carries out his "battles" on a highly cerebral level. This is the nerd gamer who loves 3-D chess and role-playing games. Mars in Aquarius signals a time when emotions are sublimated as people engage in mind games. That is not a bad thing — as long as people don't get so caught up in the chatter of their brains that they forget to listen to their hearts.


On Saturday Venus (love, sexual attraction, wealth) enters Capricorn (business, practicality, hard reality) and stays there until December 8th. The goddess of love will have us reviewing and renewing many of our relationship commitments and obligations in very tangible and concrete ways. Venus in Capricorn knows the laws of sexuality in any given culture, and is skilled at bending those laws to their benefit. Capricorn wants to be the boss of itself (and possibly you) and generally goes it alone, which is an interesting modus operandi for the planet that tells us about how we do partnership. This trip through the sign of the Goat can teach us about boundaries within our unions. There's nothing sexier than someone who isn't desperate for our affections while still remaining open, transparent and available for intimacy and spontaneity. Venus in Capricorn can become a bit of a cautious ice queen if it starts to take itself, its work and its ambitions too seriously. Career can become the ultimate turn on, and social status the greatest romance when Capricorn gets out of balance. Venus in Capricorn can teach us how to be one of the most loyal and dedicated partners around.


On Sunday Mercury leaves dour Scorpio and wings its way into high-spirited Sagittarius, where it will stay until December 3rd. No matter what your Sun sign is, this abrupt change will lighten your spirits. It is like tossing and turning all night and then seeing the pink glow of dawn on the eastern horizon. Everything will be better. Now, this does not mean that Scorpio Mercury is bad. On the contrary, Scorpio Mercury urges you to probe into deep thoughts and dig out the truth, even if it is unpleasant. That is very important. But Sagittarius Mercury urges you to look on the bright side, to find joy in your life and pursue the light at the end of the tunnel. The only disadvantage to Sadge Mercury is a certain tendency to be so busy talking about the light at the end of the tunnel that you miss the freeway exit to the tunnel — but Sagittarius Mercury is always optimistic and will find an innovative way to reach the destination.


On Monday we come to the TAURUS FULL MOON. That is the lunar phase which, in Antinous Moon Magic, is called the HADRIAN's VILLA MOON. This is a way for Antinous the Gay God to help you find your spiritual home, the celestial palace you have made for yourself. This Moon is aimed at helping you focus and center your spiritual heart.

TUES.-WEDNESDAY NOV. 15th-16th, 2016

This week offers in the perfect opportunity for a job interview or for a presentation of a special project. Mercury is in a good sextile to Mars to help you get your point across articulately and strongly to others.

THURS.-FRIDAY NOV. 17th-18th, 2016

The week Mercury squares off against dreamy Neptune. This powerful configuration makes it very difficult to do any practical work in the real world. You should avoid signing contracts or making long-term commitments. However ... this configuration is perfect for dreamscaping. Remember that the Obelisk of Antinous says he sends healing visions to his worshipers as they slumber.

SAT.-SUNDAY NOV. 19th-20th, 2016

The weekend is a great time to take in an art exhibit ... or create art yourself ... when Capricorn Venus is in a creative sextile with Retrograde Pisces Neptune. Trust your intuition on all matters of money and love. And when you go out this weekend, you can expect old-fashioned romance because Retrograde Pisces Neptune loves nostalgia.


On Monday we come to the Leo Third Quarter Moon, which is called the BACCHANALIA MOON in Antinous Moon Magic for its gifts of transcendence ... This Lunar Phase reflects those festivals of peering into other worlds and states of being ... a restless time of high-spirited indulgence, sometimes fun, sometimes slightly scary and always capable of unleashing powerful spirits ... On a mundane level, it refers to putting on a disguise and "having a good time". On a spiritual level, it refers to entering an altered state to commune with the divine, thus this Lunar Phase is the best time of the year for trance visions.


On Tuesday don't believe much of anything you hear when Mercury forms a chatty sextile aspect with Jupiter. Mercury loves to tell tales and Jupiter loves to exaggerate.


On Wednesday your brain becomes finely honed to precision thinking when Mercury aligns in perfect conjunction with Saturn in high-spirited Sagittarius. You see clearly and optimistically into any difficult situation.

THURS.-FRIDAY NOV. 24th-25th, 2016

On Thursday ... US Thanksgiving Day ... Libra Jupiter is in a 90-degree square aspect to Capricorn Pluto. Then on Friday Venus joins this unlucky configuration by aligning in conjunction with Pluto and at right angles to Jupiter. This aspect heralds disaster on the global financial markets — a restructuring of the world's economic systems. The arrogance of unbridled growth (Jupiter) will be put into question by thorough and deep-seated structural reordering (Pluto) for the benefit of all humanity, not just for a few. This configuration is warning you — no, ordering you — to reassess your assets. Money and property are transitory things. Reflect on what is truly valuable to you.

SAT.-SUNDAY NOV. 26th-27th, 2016

This weekend, you can expect surprise tidings from the past when Mercury is in a very conducive karmic-healing trine to Retrograde Uranus. Mercury-trine-Uranus always creates optimal energies for breaking down encrusted old structures and for mentally visualizing bold new solutions. Because Uranus Retrograde (going "backwards" as seen from Earth), the emphasis is on the past. Retrograde Uranus opens the portals of Time and Space and Mercury enables you to go through those portals to engage in healing magic involving your own past, or past-life incarnations. Even if you do not work any magic, you can definitely count on receiving a message involving someone or something from the past.


Another exciting week lies ahead between November 28th and December 4th when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD aligns in conjunction with his heavenly father Ra-Herakhte for the SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON. In Antinous Moon Magic, this is the lunar phase we call the FORTUNA MOON. This is the classic good luck moon of the astrological year ... More details next time ....

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