Monday, August 10, 2015


ON 11th August 2015 the biggest change of the year occurs when Jupiter leaves boisterous Leo (where it has been for the past year) and enters Virgo … where it will stay until September 9, 2016. 

Because Jupiter takes 12 years to orbit the sun, it remains in each sign almost exactly one year. 

Think where you were 12 years ago and you will get an idea of what Virgo Jupiter has to offer you for the next year. 

Jupiter journeyed through the sign of Leo from 16 July 2014 until 11th August 2015, inciting us to unearth the secret sediments of gold within our heart (ruled by Leo) and bask in their luminescence. 

Now the super-sized planet is in Virgo, ironically casting his bird's-eye view on the sign of details. 

Jupiter in Virgo encourages us to seek for a higher meaning within the Virgo-ruled areas of human experience: knowledge, work, service, health, practical concerns and day-to-day routine. 

With Jupiter in Virgo, we now find we need to be a bit more discerning and judgmental in many areas of life, it’s about honing a focus and narrowing down Jupiter's vast field of influence and vision to something more practical and grounded.

 It's not as simple as buying an Antinous statue for your home. 

Yet something along those lines is being called for ... attention to a purifying, an inner cleansing, a clean out of debris and waste to help us live up to standards we now want to reach. 

It can't be done with the same 12-year-old habits we still cling on to from the last time Jupiter was in Virgo in 2003. 

This new Virgo Jupiter insists that we be picky and choosy in our endeavours.

Jupiter's inclusive mindset does not discard the appeal of simplicity, the value of humility and the magic in the details, and ... hopefully ... by the end of this transit, neither will we! 

By 9th September 2016, when Jupiter will enter Libra, the sign of the scales, we will be seeing the simplest things in Life with different eyes.

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