Thursday, March 19, 2015


TONIGHT's dreamy and insightful Pisces New Moon is the lunar phase of fidelity and friendship which we call the ANTINOUS DOG MOON in Antinous Moon Magic.

The Pisces New Moon is the new moon of revelations, when you see who your true friends are -- and who aren't.

Each lunar phase represents a Divine Spirit or Archetype. The Spirit of the Dog Moon is loving and supportive friendship.

This Spirit is loving and faithful, comforting you with familiarity when you see yourself reflected in this Spirit.

It is the perfect combination of comfort and stimulus to grow and provides a wonderful companion that walks with you through life, helping you define and refine who you are and who you choose to be every day.

The only ancient portrait which shows Antinous alongside an animal is by the artist Antonianus of Aphrodisias found at Lanuvium showing Antinous harvesting grapes ... with a small dog looking up at him adoringly ....

Flamen Antonyus Subia painted an oil-on-canvas version of the frieze (above).

Antonyus says, "Yes, the Sacred Barque of Antinous will be crammed full of animals, especially little dogs...a million shih-tzu and thing we know Antinous loves is little dogs...lions, not so much...alligators and hippopotami not at all,...but dogs, with all his heart."

Humans have "genetically engineered" wild canines over thousands of canine generations to create "the dog" -- mankind's best friend. Our ancestors adopted the runts of wolf litters -- the puny little wolf pups that were abandoned by their mothers.

And through thousands of years of breeding wolf runts, early humans created a companion species which coexists in synergy with us.

Humans and canines complement each other beautifully, for the most part. Except when we humans abuse dogs and abandon them.

Friendship is always a two-way street ... and a dog will always come trotting more than halfway to meet us ... and that is why this special lunar phase of true friendship is called the Antinous Dog Moon.

Meditations and rituals carried out during the cycle of the Pisces New Moon are best suited for delving into issues involving trust and faithfulness ... determining who your true friends are ... and how you can be your own best friend.

Tonight is also a good time for contacting and honoring friends ... of all species ... and all familiar spirits.

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