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Antinous Astrology Forecast

AUG. 27 to SEPT. 9, 2014


On Wednesday Venus and Mars are in a 90-degree right angle to each other, causing chaos in love relationships. This is the astrological textbook recipe for a relationship in which tempers are always hot, the sex is always hot, passions are always hot and in which you are fighting violently with each other one moment — and then violently having sex the next moment. Just saying.


On Thursday interpersonal relationships are volatile, as they have been all this week (and will be next week) because of a three-way split involving Saturn, Venus and Mars. The Warrior God is in a tight clinch with Saturn even as Venus is at right angles to both. Saturn wants to rein in both planets, causing blockages in relationships on all levels. But Mars is in its home sign of Scorpio (where Saturn feels intensely uncomfortable), and that home-advantage empowers Mars to sear through Saturn's shackles with laser-like energy.


On Friday Retrograde Neptune rises at sunset to make its once-a-year opposition to the Sun. Dreamy Neptune creates a smokescreen of illusion, confusion and profusion of conflicting images which overwhelms the conscientious Virgo Sun. On the down side, you may find yourself unable to see clearly which route to take in life. On the plus side, you perceive intuitive insights which ordinarily are lost in the glare of the sun.


On Saturday you can leave the Mars/Saturn tensions of the work week behind you and go out shopping when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms a positive trine with Neptune which helps you sniff out the best buys.


On Sunday ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD aligns with Mars and Saturn in suspicious-minded Scorpio to form a fearsome threesome of jealousy, envy, suspicion and intrigue. A fun weekend, in other words.


On Monday Mercury leaves fastidious Virgo and wings his way into laid-back Libra ... where he will sit back and chill and lounge around to Trance music from now until September 28th. Depending on your own star sign, Libra Mercury may cause you some difficulty making decisions and getting work done and generally finding your way through the highways and byways of life. Libra Mercury gets a bad reputation for being lazy, indecisive, two-faced and a downright liar. But it's not true! Well, actually, it IS a bit true ... but also not true ... both true and not true at the same time.

And that is exactly how Libra Mercury sees everything ... he sees both sides to every question ... he sees two people (or two nations) arguing and he sees that both sides are partly right ... and both sides are also partly wrong.

Libra Mercury helps to give you a balanced view of the world. He enhances your skills at mediating a compromise which is beneficial to both sides ... and beneficial to you. Libra Mercury loves harmony and balance so much that he tries to please everybody. So you may find yourself tacitly agreeing with people on both sides of an argument. That infuriates both sides, of course, and both sides accuse you of being two-faced.

In fact, you may not have agreed with either side. You wanted to tell both sides to take a hike. You only nodded in tacit agreement just to shut them up and avert open conflict. The result is that you end up being caught in the middle ... a plight that Sun Sign Librans know all too well.

So the down side of Libra Mercury is that decision-making is more difficult. You look at a restaurant menu and it ALL looks so good that you can't make up your mind ... again, a plight that Sun Sign Librans know all too well.

But the up side of Libra Mercury is that you are open to new experiences ... you pick a menu item you have never eaten before ... and it turns out to be delicious. You are driving along your regular route home from work and suddenly turn off down another street you have never explored before ... and you discover places which turn out to be wonderful.

As for being lazy ... that is also partly false ... and yet also partly true. Libra Mercury is very industrious when it comes to something that is interesting, pleasant or lovely. So you may find yourself beavering away at some fabulous project with your mind and soul concentrated solely on that fab project.

Meanwhile, boring and tedious tasks fall by the wayside. You may conveniently "forget" to do things which are uninteresting to you. Mercury Libra is the artistic genius who creates the most exquisitely inspiring art ... and yet who lives in absolute squalor and filth. Art is intensely interesting to him ... but housekeeping is intensely boring, so he "forgets" to do any house cleaning. Sun Sign Librans are experts at "forgetting" unpleasant or uninteresting things.


On Tuesday we come to the Sagittarius First Quarter Moon, which we call the "Equestrian Moon" in Antinous Moon Magic ... the Lunar Phase we associate with spiritual movement and progress, astral travel and astral projection ... On the material level, this Lunar Phase is excellent for making travel plans and for carrying out rituals for a safe journey with bountiful spiritual rewards ... or at least for washing that vehicle of yours.


On Wednesday the Sun is in a positively profound trine with Pluto that enables you to get down and dirty and show what is really inside of you ... deep ... down ... inside. This is a good day to grow beyond yourself ... shed your old shy image the way a snake sheds its skin ... and present your shining inner self to the world.


On Thursday you should make a point of enjoying the lighter side of life one final day before Venus leaves upbeat Leo and slides into Virgo for four weeks of worrying and guilt-tripping.


On Friday you can start making plans for a weekend party when Venus enters Virgo — Virgo Venus is the ultimate party organizer. Just avoid the Virgo Venus tendency to over-analyze and to offer "advice" (which is to say "criticism") where it is not wanted. Virgo Venus also likes to worry and fret and feel inadequate. Instead, play up the Virgo Venus panache at being the hostess with the mostest and plying your guests with food and drink and ensuring they are having a fabulous time.


On Saturday the party atmosphere shifts into high gear when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms a lively trine with laid-back Libra Mercury and is in opposition to exaggeration-prone Jupiter. This is a recipe for stylish over-consumption of food and drink and the good life in general.


On Sunday the day-after hangover sets in when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms an anything-goes sextile with Uranus while also squaring off against sour Saturn and angry Mars. It's a thoroughly annoying sort of day when you just want to draw the curtains, take two aspirin and go back to bed.


Another exciting week lies ahead between September 8 and 14 when we come to the Pisces Full Moon ... In heterosexual astrology, the Pisces Full Moon is just a moon of sensual spiritual energy. But in Antinous Gay Moon Magic, this is the HOMOTHEOSIS MOON ... the archetype of gay sexuality ... when your sexual dreams can come true ... This hot Full Moon tells you it may be time to take your relationship to a whole new level ... This lunar phase helps you to deepen your love relationships in meaningful ways, making constructive compromises which allow each partner freedom while strengthening the bonds which unite you both ... More details next time ....

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