Tuesday, July 16, 2013


A wonderfully magical planetary line up occurs in mid-July ... a "Grand Trine" involving Jupiter/Mars in an equilateral triangle with Saturn and Neptune ... something which occurs once only several centuries.

From about July 17th to the 23rd, the planets line up to create this Cosmic effect. 

It's called a Grand Trine and GRAND it is. 

Jupiter and Mars are aligned in conjunction in Cancer (Emotional healing), trining Saturn in Scorpio (Depth healing) and Neptune in Pisces (Spiritual healing).  Mars really adds power and gumption to this Trine.

On the 17th, Antinous the Moon Moon is in Scorpio, joining in the Trine,  magnifying this aspect 10 fold, because the Moon, which rules our emotions, absorbs the energy of this Trine.

Jupiter in Scorpio expands and uplifts, brings hope and a shot of optimism, and the God knows we all need that right now in our world of doom and gloom.

Neptune in Pisces has its own element of Spiritual transcendence and Saturn in Scorpio is electrifyingly magnetic, and deeply cathartic through accessing the emotional realm .... 

Now, if Jupiter and Neptune were in it alone, I would say keep both feet on the ground while your head is in the clouds.  However, Saturn grounds this Trine, making all of this more tangible and realistic.

Given that this is all taking place in the water signs and the water signs are all about emotions, it may be our emotions that get a boost more than anything else in our lives. 

Anyone with planets at the early degrees of water signs will really feel this healing powerfully! 

To gay astrologers, this signals a time period where we can all get in touch with the Sacred Gay Energy (Water) that has been very lacking in this World, for a very long time.

The Gay God returns this July!

And if you think the Grand Trine of mid-July is special ... just wait until the Cosmic Hexagon occurs at the end of July ... more on that coming up ....

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