Tuesday, June 25, 2013



JUPITER sky-dived out of airy Gemini on June 25, 2013, and plunged into the emotional waters of Cancer for a year of "deep-soul" adventure and exploration which will last until July 15, 2014.

Because Jupiter takes a dozen years to orbit the Sun, it remains in each astrological sign almost exactly one year.

So think back 12 years ... to the last time Jupiter was in Cancer ... between mid-July 2001 and August 2002. Remember the emotional-quotient discoveries you made then. You will no doubt realize that those 12-and-a-half months ushered in some big spiritual and emotional breakthroughs in your life.

Cancer Jupiter ushers in a solid year of intense emotions with lots of tears ... tears of sadness ... tears of joy. On the positive side, Cancer Jupiter offers a once-in-12-years opportunity to dive off the high board of rationality into the emotional depths of your soul.

Think of it like oceanography — all we know of the sea is what we can see from the surface and by diving a few meters. We know precious little of the vastnesses which cover two-thirds of our planet.

Think of Cancer Jupiter as the valiant and daring captain of a fantastical steampunk machine which can zoom through space, across land, through the air or under the seas.

He has spent the past year flying the idea-filled skies of Gemini in his steampunk airship. Now he has thrown the levels and switches to force his craft into a steep dive ... right into the dreamy sea world of Cancer.

The white-hot heat of his Jovian ship causes the seas to boil and bubble with steam ... warming the cold waters and illuminating them with a rosy-gold glow. He will spend the next year delightedly exploring all the deep-soul mysteries ... discovering mysterious denizens of the deep subconscious.

Remember that YOU are the captain ... you are the submarine ... you are the seas in which he travels ... and all the denizens in those seas are aspects of your own subconscious mind.

Cancer Jupiter will introduce you to wonders deep within your soul that you never knew existed — safely and securely — and bring you back safe and sound with new-found insights into yourself.

Some of the discoveries may be scary — some of the denizens of the deep-subconscious may frighten you at first. But remember always that they are all integral parts of yourself — treat them with love and respect — consciously integrate them into your life so that they become constructive facets of your personality — working for and with you — never against you.

And when Jupiter surfaces in July 2014 and streaks skyward toward the Sun through the fiery sign of Leo — you will look back on this "deep-soul" voyage with profound gratitude for the wonders you have encounters — deep within yourself.

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