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ANCIENT astrologers paid a great deal of attention to a curious lunar phenomenon which occurs every couple days ... but which has been largely ignored by modern astrologers ... until recently.

It is called the VOID OF COURSE moon ... a mysterious and shadowy concept which seems even more mysterious because the English term is so bizarrely technical and imprecise. In Italian, it is "Vuoto de luna," in Spanish "la luna vacia de curso," in French "la lune vide de course." 

In German it is "Mondpause" which we believe is closest to the idea ... "the moon takes a break" ... like an actor going back stage during intermission between stage acts.

"Void of Course" is something that astrologers are only re-discovering. Ancient Roman astrologers placed great importance on it, but it was long forgotten ... but not by the priests of Antinous!

It occurs when the Moon is "between signs" ... that is, it has finished its two-and-a-half-day visit to one astrological sign and has just finished making the last aspect to one of the major planets ... and nothing will happen until the moon enters the next sign.

It can be anywhere from a few hours up to a day-and-a-half before the Moon enters the next sign. That in-between period is called "Void of Course" ("Vuoto de luna" in Italian, "la luna vacia de curso" in Spanish, "Mondpause" in German).

The rule of thumb is that this is a bad time to start anything because "nothing will come of it." Don't sign contracts, don't make a major expenditure, don't begin anything important. Nothing will come of it ... nothing really bad will happen ... but nothing good either!

However, the Void of Course Moon is an ideal time for meditation, dreamscaping, magical visualization techniques, getting in touch with the spirit world ... or just kicking back, relaxing and recharging your batteries. 

It is a perfect opportunity for sitting back and taking a good look at your situation and meditating on how you might be able to improve things.
 We like to compare it to a rock concert when the star has just finished a set and goes off stage. 

The doo-wah backup group continues to play and images of the star are projected onto a big screen as dancers perform ... but the star (in this case the Moon) is backstage changing costume, having a quick cigarette, a quick drink, getting styled and psyched for the next set ....

That is a good description of the Moon going "Void" ... it's intermission time and the short subjects are being shown at the movies, or you're at the opera and everyone goes out to promenade through the gallery and show off their clothes and sip champagne while the stage hands set the stage for the next act and the diva is backstage having a hissy fit ... nothing is happening where anyone can see it. Lots of preparations are being made behind the scenes....

Think of Antinous the Moon God as a rock star back stage between sets ... psyching himself up for the next set. He invites you to sit with him in his dressing room and reflect on how the last set went ... and you both take a deep breath, you help him wipe the sweat off his brow, give him a quick drink of water, help him do a quick costume change ... and psych himself for the next set. 

That's the essence of the VOID OF COURSE Moon ... back stage between sets ....

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