Thursday, December 13, 2012

Antinous Astrology Forecast

DECEMBER 13 to 23, 2012

THURSDAY December 13th 2012

Very early on Thursday (just 45 minutes after midnight Hollywood time) ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD aligns in conjunction with his heavenly father Ra-Herakhte for the SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON. In Antinous Moon Magic, this is the lunar phase we call the FORTUNA MOON. This is the classic good luck moon of the astrological year. Underscoring this spirit of good fortune, Uranus ends its Retrograde phase to start going forward again, bringing an end to frustrations you may have had over the course of the past five months. It's time to let go of the past and try your luck with something new. The FORTUNA MOON tells you: "Try your luck!"

FRIDAY December 14th 2012

On Friday the work week ends with an unexpected message, letter, email or phone call when chatty Sagittarius Mercury forms a trine with impetuous Uranus, now moving forward after five months of Retrograde frustrations. Don't be surprised when you get news of some project, enquiry or friendship you thought had been lost forever.

SATURDAY/SUNDAY Dec. 15th/16th 2012

Overnight Saturday/Sunday Venus joins the Sun and Mercury in jovial Sagittarius, leaving behind the murky moodiness of Scorpio for another year. Sagittarius Venus is supremely optimistic and eager to give everybody the benefit of the doubt when it comes to trust in matters of love. This is in stark contrast to wary suspicions which abounded when Venus was in Scorpio. For the next six weeks, Sadge Venus encourages you to give love a chance.

MONDAY December 17th 2012

On Monday an event-filled work week gets off to a roaring start when Mercury and Jupiter are in opposition to each other. You can expect to feel optimistic, even perhaps a bit too optimistic. Don't forget to pay attention to the little details and the small print.

TUESDAY December 18th 2012

On Tuesday ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is at right angles to Venus, Jupiter and Mercury while forming positive aspects to Saturn and Pluto. You start off in a dreamy mood and only slowly get up to speed on projects that have to be done. You get them done, but it takes some willpower.

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY Dec. 19th/20th 2012

On Wednesday/Thursday there's new chance for Yuletide love when Venus and Uranus form a trine and ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is in a sexy sextile to Mars. Meanwhile, the Sun and Moon square off for the PISCES FIRST QUARTER MOON which, in Antinous Moon Magic, is the CONSORTIUM MOON of gay matchmaking. These aspects by these major planets color the whole rest of the week. So if you were thinking of staying home and not going to that holiday lunch or dinner party, think again. Someone special could be waiting under the mistletoe for you.

FRIDAY December 21st 2012

On Friday at 11:11 a.m. Universal Time (midday in the UK and Europe) we finally come to that fateful date everyone has been talking about for years — the December 21, 2012, Solstice. That is the final date in the Mayan Long Count calendar. Despite all the croakings of doom by alarmists, we do not believe that the December Solstice 2012 is the end of the world. But we do believe it is the end of an exceedingly long cycle called The Great Year which lasts for 26,000 years. It is the end of a Great Cycle. But it is also the beginning of the next one. It is an ending — but not the end of the world. It is the darkness just before dawn. That twilight began with the discovery of the planet Uranus in 1781. Uranus is the planet of abrupt "eureka" discoveries and just think how our world has been revolutionized since 1781! Then in 1996 Uranus entered its home sign of Aquarius, which many consider the true dawning of the Age of Aquarius, which marks the first 2,000-year segment of the new Great Year which will last 26,000 years. We cannot say what will happen except that Aquarius is not only beneficent and altruistic but also somewhat cold and brainy-rationalistic. Above all, Aquarius loves change for the sake of change ... anything can happen ... and it will happen way differently than anything we can imagine. No, the world won't come to an end on 21st December 2012 — not the climactic way it did at the movies. But in a few short years we will begin to see that the world is becoming vastly different — just remember that this change began back in 1781 — and it is now moving to warp speed.

SATURDAY/SUNDAY Dec. 22nd/23rd 2012

This Solstice/Yuletide weekend will be problematic on the political and global economic level. But on the personal level you can expect a pleasant weekend. Just don't expect timetables to be reliable. That's because the Sun is in a sextile to foggy nebulous Neptune while the Moon is at right angles to Mars. Your best-laid plans will go awry for sure. Also, love planet Venus is in opposition to exaggeration-prone Jupiter — a recipe for over-indulgence in food, drink and Yuletide revelry.


Another exciting week lies ahead between December 24th and 30th when Christmas and Boxing Day dominate the middle of the week, followed by a major sign chance and a Full Moon. On Thursday Mars leaves stodgy Capricorn and enters rational, logical Aquarius — the Warrior Planet Mars becomes First Officer Spock! Then on Friday, we come full circle with the CANCER FULL MOON which was the first full moon of January 2012 and which now rounds out the year. In Antinous Moon Magic this is the LUNUS MOON — the Moon of Moons! More details next time ....

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