Thursday, November 15, 2012

Antinous Astrology Forecast

NOVEMBER 15 to 25, 2012

THURSDAY November 15th 2012

On Thursday we move forward from the SACRED NIGHTS PATHWAY with renewed energy and optimism as ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is in opposition to jubilant Jupiter and in a nice sextile with Venus. The atmosphere is easy and upbeat and you find yourself quickly excited about taking on new projects.

FRIDAY November 16th 2012

On Friday you can count on clearing your desktop of all unfinished business when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms positive aspects to Mars, Neptune and Saturn. But expect a surprise before closing up shop for the weekend because the Moon squares off against impulsive Uranus later in the day.

SATURDAY November 17th 2012

On Saturday Mercury aligns in conjunction with the Sun. Old astrology texts dating back to Ancient Rome call this a potentially hazardous time, and speak of a "Scorched Mercury" which impairs communications and judgment. But in ANTINOUS MOON MAGIC, we see that very differently. This Sun/Mercury conjunction is indeed intense, but in a positive way. Antinous/Mercury focuses the gay spiritual light of his heavenly father Ra-Herakhte right at you. Open your spiritual heart to the light and joy and permit it to burn away all doubt and all fear and trepidation. Most people live in spiritual darkness. They are like people who live in caves and are afraid of sunlight because it hurts their eyes. But should we shun the light and stay in the cave with them? Antinous/Mercury says it's safe to open your spiritual eyes — and spiritual heart — and become accustomed to the light.

SUNDAY November 18th 2012

On Sunday you can expect a surprise visitor or two when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms positive aspects with the Sun and Uranus. It may be an older person because Saturn forms a square angle to the Moon later on Sunday.

MONDAY November 19th 2012

On Monday a week full of change and activity gets off to a bright start when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms a nice trine with Jupiter and squares off against RETROGRADE MERCURY. The only fly in the ointment is that Retrograde Mecury creates mischief in the form of delays, rescheduling and "lost" files which turn up in unexpected places. Don't let Mercury the Trickster get you down. Just expect the unexpected and you'll be fine.

TUESDAY November 20th 2012

On Tuesday you can count on good teamwork at work or at play when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD engages in pleasant and productive aspects with Venus, Neptune, Mars and the Sun. The Sun and Moon are at right angles for the AQUARIUS FIRST QUARTER MOON which Antinous Moon Magic is called the CONCORDIA MOON of good will and good teamwork.

WEDNESDAY November 21st 2012

On Wednesday two major sign changes transform your prospects for your personal growth over the next four weeks, as well as prospects for love and money for the next six weeks. First off, the Sun leaves pensive Scorpio and sails into high-flying Sagittarius to put the emphasis on faith, hope and charity for the next four weeks. But don't let down your guard because late on Wednesday evening Venus leaves laid-back Libra and plunges into the murky depths of Scorpio. Venus does not feel particularly comfortable in suspicious/jealous Scorpio. The coming six weeks will be a time of intensely touchy emotions regarding relationships and financial matters. Scorpio Venus is always frightened of losing a relationship or losing money. On the global level, this can lead to a panicky loss of confidence in banking and financial markets.

THURSDAY November 22nd 2012

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in the US and the celestial aspects indicate it will be a dreamy day of over-indulgence — even more so than usual! Foggy, dreamy, indulgent Neptune forms a square with the Sun and a trine with Venus. Both aspects encourage exaggerations of all sorts, whether exaggerated eating and drinking or exaggeration in relationships. Meanwhile, ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD goes Void of Course most of the day, which means long delays in travel, detours and general difficulty in making headway. It also means you must be doubly vigilant on the roads because people are not paying attention — or have over-indulged in some way which impairs their judgement and reflexes.

FRIDAY November 23rd 2012

On Friday arguments and road fights will be rampant as Mars and Uranus form a tense 90-degree right angle to each other. In the US, if you are spending the long Thanksgiving weekend with family, you can expect tempers to flare. But if you have left early for the long drive home, you must be exceedingly vigilant because tempers will be short. For the rest of us around the world, Friday will be an acrimonious and unpleasant way to end the work week. Fortunately a very quiet weekend lies ahead.

SATURDAY-SUNDAY November 24th/25th 2012

On Saturday and Sunday a pleasantly quiet weekend is dominated by positive aspects between ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD and Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune and an edgy aspect to Venus. But even the Moon/Venus square is not troubling because the Moon is VOID OF COURSE for almost the entire weekend. Remember we always say you should think of ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD as your favorite rock or pop star giving a concert. The VOC MOON is the break between sets. The singer goes back stage for a costume change and psychs themselves up for the next set. Meanwhile, the audience is waiting impatiently out front while video projections and doo-wah girls fill the interlude. That's what a VOID OF COURSE MOON feels like. Nothing much will happen during this VOC period. Nothing very bad will happen. But nothing very good either.


Another exciting week lies ahead between November 26th and December 2nd when Mercury ends its three-week-long Retrograde and starts moving forward again. This means "lost" parcels and files will show up as if by magic. Another highlight is when the last Partial Eclipse of the Moon for the year 2012 occurs. This is the GEMINI FULL MOON which, in Antinous Moon Magic, we call the CATAMITUS MOON heralding the points in your life where change will occur in the New Year. More details next time ....

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