Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Antinous Astrology Forecast

AUGUST 15th to 26th, 2012

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY August 15th/16th 2012

On Wednesday and Thursday, interpersonal relationships erupt into a tug-of-war of turmoil Venus is in strife-filled opposition to possessive Pluto and at right angles to rebellious Uranus — even as warrior God Mars aligns with stubborn Saturn in indecisive Libra, creating an atmosphere of frustration and indecisiveness. On the global level, this volatile combination exacerbates conflicts between authoritarian rulers and rebels. On a personal level, your boyfriend wants to glom onto and cling to you and never let you go (Venus-Pluto). Then minutes later, when you have cancelled all plans in order to be with your boyfriend, he rebels and accuses you of being possessive and wants to call the whole thing off. Just take a deep breath and remember that this is happening all over the world — in international diplomacy, big business, and in personal relationships everywhere.

FRIDAY August 17th 2012

The LEO NEW MOON on Friday creates a generous, romantic and highly spiritual atmosphere. In ANTINOUS MOON MAGIC we call this the SACERDOTE MOON of priestly exaltation. This is the day when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD merges with his heavenly father Ra-Herakhte in sunny Leo. This is the New Moon which says it's time to take a break from work and enjoy life for a moment. Instead of keeping your nose to the old grindstone, the LEO NEW MOON urges you to do something creative, something that boosts your ego, your heart and your spirit and makes you feel good — treat yourself to something that's glorious!

SATURDAY August 18th 2012

On Saturday, a lazy weekend gets underway when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD goes opposite dreamy Neptune. You will have a hard time concentrating on household chores and will want instead to go off into dreamland. Be careful with drugs and alcohol since the Moon/Neptune Opposition boosts the punch of all trance-inducing substances. This is a great day for trance meditation!

SUNDAY August 19th 2012

On Sunday, this hazy-lazy weekend reaches a crescendo of dreamy laziness when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD goes VOID OF COURSE (VOC) for 30 hours in the Americas and Europe! Think of ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD as your favorite rock or pop star giving a concert. The VOC MOON is the break between sets. The singer goes back stage for a costume change and psychs themselves up for the next set. Meanwhile, the audience is waiting impatiently out front while video projections and doo-wah girls fill the interlude. That's what a VOID OF COURSE MOON feels like. Nothing much will happen during this VOC period. Nothing very bad will happen. But nothing very good either.

MONDAY August 20th 2012

On Monday, Mars lends you plenty of self-confidence when the Warrior God Planet is in tense aspects to Pluto and Uranus while forming a positive sextile to the Sun. This is a day to get up and get out and get things done.

TUESDAY August 21st 2012

On Tuesday, you jump out of bed and sing in the shower with rosy optimism when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms a lovely trine to joyous Jupiter.

WEDNESDAY August 22nd 2012

On Wednesday, the Sun leaves its fiery home sign of Leo and enters dutiful Virgo for four weeks focusing on work and health. The Virgo Sun gets help on Wednesday when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms nice aspects with the Sun, Mars and Neptune.

THURSDAY August 23rd 2012

On Thursday, Mars leaves Libra, the sign in which Mars is weakest, and plunges into Scorpio, where Mars is strongest. Scorpio Mars (water and fire, producing steam) occurs only once every two years and will generate lots of steam until October. Scorpio Mars is all about penetrating secrets and delving into the truth that lies beyond. This occurs on all levels — mental, emotional, spiritual and material. So we can expect NASA's Curiosity rover to make reveal some truly astounding Martian secrets.

FRIDAY August 24th 2012

On Friday, a mood of spiritual depth dawns which will last through the coming weekend as Scorpio Mars and other major planets form aspects to dreamy Neptune. The Sun sets the tone when it goes opposite to Neptune even as ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is at right angles to both the Sun and Neptune. In ANTINOUS MOON MAGIC this is the SAGITTARIUS FIRST QUARTER MOON which we call the EQUESTRIAN MOON — the Lunar Phase we associate with spiritual movement and progress, astral travel and astral projection. On the material level, this Lunar Phase is excellent for making travel plans and for carrying out rituals for a safe journey with bountiful spiritual rewards.

SATURDAY/SUNDAY August 25th/26th 2012

Friday's spiritual dawning begins to really shine when incisive Scorpio Mars forms a strong trine with meditative Pisces Neptune. This aspect is exact overnight Saturday/Sunday, but it casts a rosy glow over the entire weekend and indeed onto the coming week. This is a weekend to trust your intuition and to then ACT on what your intuition tells you to do. Turn off your brain and tune in to your gut feeling.


Another exciting week lies ahead between August 27th and September 2nd when the Sun makes its annual health check-up by going opposite to CHIRON THE HEALER. Because the Sun is in Virgo, health issues are underscored during this aspect. Chiron has been in a beneficent trine to Pluto for weeks. This obscure asteroid plays only a peripheral role in most daily astrology forecasts. But this strong aspect to Pluto the transformer — an aspect which will last for nearly half a year — means that Chiron becomes a major player this year. Also next week, Mercury leaves lively Leo and enters health-minded Virgo, putting even more emphasis on health-care issues. Such issues will emerge as a major issue in the US presidential campaign this week. More details next time ....

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