Wednesday, October 3, 2018


Antinous Astrology Forecast

OCTOBER 4th to 14th, 2018

THURS-FRIDAY, OCT. 4th-5th, 2018

This week the LGBT spiritual revolution gets a big boost when Pluto turns direct after having been Retrograde (going "backwards" as seen from Earth) since 22 April 2018. Moving "forward" again helps to heal past transgressions and bring closure. The special meaning for LGBT people comes from the fact that the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter currently form trines with each other and a vitally strong trine aspect with Pluto ... and the Star of Antinous! Pluto is aligned with the star of Antinous in the sign of Capricorn for much of 2018/2019 ... sending transformative healing energies that can radically alter gay spirituality for centuries to come. Pluto takes more than 250 years to orbit the Sun. To give you some perspective, the last time Pluto was in Capricorn was in the late 18th Century ... the dawning of the Age of Reason and the revolutions in France and America. This time around, Capricorn Pluto is once again revolutionizing global political and economic structures along with belief systems. This is an opportunity for LGBT advancement that will not come again in our lifetimes. Seize the opportunity for transformational healing to prepare you for the world that will exist when Pluto leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius ... in 2023. More on how Capricorn Pluto and the Star of Antinous can change your life: PLUTO ALIGNS WITH THE STAR OF ANTINOUS.

SAT-SUNDAY, OCT. 6th-7th, 2018

This weekend Venus stops and turns around. An ex-lover will call or visit you in the next 40 days ... Scorpio Venus goes "Retrograde" (backwards) from October 6th until November 16th. Retrograde Scorpio Venus is emotionally passionate, suspicious and distrustful ... this is a good time to review, reassess, and revive your relationships ... and that means it may be time to end some career or personal relationships. Retrograde Scorpio Venus is nostalgic for "the good old days" ... so you can expect to hear from old friends and ex-lovers. You may not have seen them for years, and suddenly they show up on your doorstep ... and the two of you have a wonderful time reviving old memories ... and possibly reconciling old differences. In fact, Retrograde Venus periods are often characterized by old lovers getting back together and re-marrying.

MON-TUESDAY, OCT. 8th-9th, 2018

Overnight Monday-Tuesday we come to the LIBRA NEW MOON... the Lunar Phase we call the TRIPOD MOON in Antinous Moon Magic in honor of the clouds of incense with which three-footed incense braziers filled the Ancient Temples of Antinous. The clouds of incense created a sacred other-worldly atmosphere of intoxication and purification ... but made rational decision-making difficult. If you are having trouble "seeing the fog", the Libra New Moon will show you where the confusion lies.

WEDNESDAY, OCT. 10th, 2018

On Wednesday, Mercury wings his way out of airy Libra and plunges into the murky depths of Scorpio where he transforms into canine-headed Hermanubis to sniff out dark mysteries with his keen nose and hear whispered secrets with his powerful ears. On the global level, you can expect public revelations of dark secrets during the coming weeks. And on the personal level, you can expect to see which of your friends are faithful and will stick by you when the chips are down ... and which ones will back off and just leave you standing there alone. Now is the time to talk about all of those shadows and skeletons hiding in the closet. They will be crawling out and rearing their head regardless, so why not work with them so they don’t work against you? Also on Wednesday, Mercury opposition Uranus provides a special surprise factor. A chance meeting or unexpected phone call or message can open a window of opportunity to make things happen fast.

THURSDAY, OCT. 11th, 2018

On Thursday, Venus and Mars are in a 90-degree right angle to each other, causing chaos in love relationships. This is the astrological textbook recipe for a relationship in which tempers are always hot, the sex is always hot, passions are always hot and in which you are fighting violently with each other one moment — and then violently having sex the next moment. Just saying.

FRI-SUNDAY, OCT. 12th-14th, 2018

This weekend, batten down the hatches because storms and earthquakes are in store when the Sun forms a 90-degree right angle with Pluto — a configuration which happens twice a year and which invariably spawns strife, conflict, warfare and even bad weather. The good news is that this configuration lasts only about 48 hours.


Another exciting week lies ahead between October 15th and 21st when we come to the CAPRICORN FIRST QUARTER MOON. In Antinous Moon Magic, we call this the MERCHANT MOON which offers you an opportunity to reap the benefits of your hard work — and find new opportunities for material advancement ... More details next time ....

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