Tuesday, May 15, 2018


URANUS has left Aquarius, where it had been since 2011, and has now entered Taurus, where it will remain through the end of 2025 and into early 2026. 

We can expect revolutionary changes in technology, political institutions and financial affairs, and we most certainly must reckon with increased earthquakes and natural disasters. 

To give you an idea of what to expect, the last time Uranus was in Taurus was from 1934 to 1942 ... and that period was generally marked by chaos worldwide. 

In the wake of the economic difficulties which lingered after the 1929 crash, the Great Depression, many extremist regimes came to power: Franco, Mussolini, Hitler, then the establishment of the Vichy regime. 

Japan launched a war of aggression in the Pacific and Germany attacked its neighbors in Europe.

And, after a policy of isolationism, the United States went to war after the Pearl Harbour attack in 1941. 

We must keep in mind that some key-areas which underwent Uranian upheavals linked to Taurus may be on the agenda again: finance, agriculture, and the temptation of totalitarianism, for example.

Uranus will glide across the Taurus sky from 15 May 2018 through 26 April 2026. 

We can anticipate massive changes and reform to occur within Taurus's earthly domains: On a large scale, astrologers predict major shifts regarding food production and consumption. 

We will become increasingly aware of the prolific usage of pesticides and explore progressive ways to harvest more sustainable crops. 

Humans' impact on the planet will become more apparent, so there will be a substantial rise in environmental activism.

And, of course, since Taurus is linked to money, we will see cataclysmic shifts within the financial sector. The future of cryptocurrency will be defined over the next eight years, and market volatility will inspire economic innovation.

During Uranus's movement through Taurus, don't be surprised if your perspective on money and material possessions changes rapidly. 

If you've been penny-pinching, you may transform into a big spender over the next eight years.

Alternatively, if you've been known to push the limits of your bank account, Uranus's motion may inspire you to work within more budgetary restraints.

Astrologers unanimously agree that the financial markets will be volatile during this time, so make sure you are prepared to endure risks on any investments, including in cryptocurrency, real estate, and jewelry.

Since the physical environment will also be affected by Uranus's trip through Taurus, this is a great time to explore practices in sustainability. Check out your local farmers' markets, research the ingredients of the food you buy, and consider new, innovative ways you can reduce your ecological footprint. 

Uranus's movement through Taurus will encourage you to pay closer attention to our habits of consumption.

The most important thing to remember about any Uranus transits is to always expect the unexpected since Uranus teaches us important lessons by rattling our universe. Don't be afraid of its rumble, but buckle your seat belts, cosmic warriors ... these next eight years are going to be wild.

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