Friday, May 18, 2018


THE Star of Antinous is currently aligned with Pluto at 21 degrees Capricorn FOR A YEAR OF LGBT HEALING.

Now Black Moon Lilith aligns in conjunction with both Pluto and the Star of Antinous which doubles-down on LGBTQ efforts to assert our rights.

Lilith rules over those disowned aspects of our own shadowy nature ... parts of ourselves that we consider hideous, of which we are somewhat aware yet possibly pressing hard to keep concealed from others. We push them down, out of sight from others, fearing that if they become exposed would reveal to others how horrible we are as a person. 

Yet they somehow press back up at us, bursting to come out in our most intimate encounters. We call this part our ‘shadow’, the side that we try to keep out of the light.

Our ‘shadow-self’ conceals a darker side to our nature, hidden aspects of ourselves which we have repressed or suppressed –  anything from difficult emotions, our own sexual preferences, hidden desires, even potential strengths that are yet to be uncovered because we fear to go there. 

We know these traits are within us, but we just do not want to acknowledge them ourselves, and we prefer others not to see them either. We become convinced that if these traits were ever to be revealed that some might judge us as being a “bad person”. 

So whilst we tend to keep these aspects of ourselves tightly under wraps, we unwittingly project them onto others in our lives (like our friends or family), where they play out in our exterior world dramas and when we see them in others start to engage in cutting them down. 

Our efforts to deny, or shoot down our projected shadow self may at times reflect upon us with a severely sabotaging effect.

On May 18th, Black Moon Lilith join Pluto and the Star of Antinous at 21 degrees Capricorn.

It’s significant because it's new ground for the first time in around 250 years and because both Mars and Lilith conjunct Pluto at this degree in quick succession. 

The last time Pluto passed through this degree was 1773. The year of The Boston Tea Party. We all know how that ended up. The American Empire is rotting from with in, being defeated and going through a death.

Both the Pluto (death, transformation) and Lilith (too-muchness, where we have been shamed) are powerful in this combination. In the sign of Capricorn, the rules, our institutions, the patriarchy.

We may see incidents involving the cruel and ruthless dishing out of discipline; overly ambitious aspirations to hold power over the mainstream using judgement and the full force of remorse, whilst trying to maintain a definite position over others in the world gradually marking itself by the distinction of whose on the right side and who is in the wrong. 

 With the final outcome longing to be resolved, a major life-lesson lies here. A real consciousness-shifting turning point, as it were. 

 In facing up to what we tend to avoid and often project onto others, we are afforded the opportunity to proceed forward on our own life’s journey without succumbing to distractions or interference which only diminish our true intent. Learning to be more asserting, focusing on present matters with strength, passion, insight and conviction, we learn to build bridges to our success rather than destroy them in our wake.

For LGBTQ people, Pluto aligned with the STAR OF ANTINOUS signals a revolutionary breakthrough in our struggle to change the attitudes of society. And Lilith aligned with both Pluto and the Star of Antinous empowers us to act decisively to achieve our birthright.

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