Saturday, April 7, 2018


TONIGHT's Capricorn Third Quarter Moon is the Lunar Phase which, in Antinous Moon Magic, we call the HADRIAN'S WALL MOON of stubborn intransigence and immovable barriers.

Each Lunar Phase represents a Divine Spirit or Archetype. The Spirit of the Hadrian's Wall Lunar Phase is the embodiment of hindrances and blockages.

It is the personification of all that stands in your way. It is all barriers and obstacles to progress.

This Spirit locks you up in a prison cell, either literally or figuratively.

It rises up like a mountain to see if you have the stamina and ingenuity to scale it or get around it. But remember that Hadrian's Wall was not impregnable. It was not particularly high. It was not meant to be an impenetrable barrier, but only a hindrance to mass assault or rampant smuggling of goods and livestock.

Thus this Spirit is not insurmountable. It can be overcome, a way can be found around, under, over or through it. This Spirit challenges you to find that way.

The key words are: Barrier. Hindrance. Setback. Confinement. Blockage. Unyielding stubbornness.

This can be a physical barrier, but it can also be an emotional, financial, job or relationship "prison" which blocks your progress.

Meditations and rituals conducted tonight are best suited for focusing on blockages in your life, situations and issues which prevent you from moving forward. 

These can be manifested by persons or situations around you. But most often, we find during meditations on this night that we have erected prison walls around ourselves, we are blocking ourselves from the freedom we so earnestly desire.

This Lunar Phase is saying it is time to break out!

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