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Antinous Astrology Forecast

FEBRUARY 8-25, 2018


We we come to the Scorpio Third Quarter Moon. This is the Lunar Phase in Antinous Moon Magic which we call the PERDITION MOON of coming to terms with loss and diminishment. Meditations and rituals carried out during this Lunar Phase are best suited for seeking to come to terms with loss and finding areas in your life where you may unconsciously be causing yourself loss or sadness. This Lunar Phase is NOT about giving in to loss and grief, but rather it is about moving through them to find new ways towards growth and fulfillment.

FRI-SATURDAY, FEB. 9th-10th, 2018

At week's end, romantic Venus leaves emotionally cold Aquarius and dives into the romantic depths of Pisces. This sign change marks a major change not only in love but also in finances. Pisces Venus is not only loving and compassionate but also creative and generous. The motto for the next four weeks is: "Give, and you shall receive!" Pisces Venus is super-compassionate and over-generous. For the next month you may find yourself obsessed with spirituality and consumed with compassionate charity for others. On the negative side, common-sense practicality may be hard to muster.

SUN-WEDNESDAY, FEB. 11th-14th, 2018

This week is dominated by the vicissitudes of luck when the Sunday and Mercury are in a 90-degree right angle to Jupiter even as they are both also in a sextile aspect with Uranus. These configurations provide great opportunities for success but also some tests of character. You can be very fortunate but also have to make your own luck. Lucky breaks and popularity can lead to an inflated ego and other excesses in life. For example, you may have a tendency to over-estimate your own abilities or resources. This could lead to a scattering of energy or wasting money on unnecessary luxuries. There may also be a tendency to accumulate possessions such as collections of a special thing, coins, figurines etc. It may be that your beliefs and morals become over the top and cause difficulties with others. Excessive behaviors are most problematic because these are more likely to affect your close relationships. Overconfidence can get in the way of making lasting friendships. The key to dealing with the excessive nature of Jupiter is moderation. You can still maintain a healthy ego but you won’t want to let excess and pride damage your standing in the world. Jupiter is testing your ego. Any arrogance or boastfulness may actually be covering for a wounded ego, or a lack of self-confidence. Yes, you do wish to be of importance, to be famous or wealthy and to receive the praise and ovation you deserve. They key to dealing with this aspect, apart from moderation, is to not get ahead of yourself. Focus your energy on doing the groundwork, the daily grind needed to perfect your special gifts.


On Thursday, we come not only to a Solar Eclipse (visible over South America and Southeast Asia) and also to the AQUARIUS NEW MOON — which in Antinous Moon Magic we call the OBELISK MOON — the lunar phase embodying knowledge in all its forms, knowledge which is gained through study and learning. The Aquarius New Moon is also always CHINESE NEW YEAR and 2018 is the Year of the Dog, corresponding to the Element Earth, the Male Gender and the Color Brown. That means 2018 is Male Earth Dog. Male Earth is connected to dry soil, wall, mound or mountains. The major five element inside Dog is Male Earth too. The sign of 2018 Earth Dog is mountains over mountains. That implies the events related to land, real estate, county territory, agriculture, earthquake, mineral and the Earth will be more active than before. In Chinese astrology, Earth is also connected to stability, meditation and religion. Many people will be interested in spiritual or religious study. And mountains symbolize challenges and obstacles to overcome or to cross or to circumvent. We don't know about you, but this Antinous astrologer welcomes the stability of the faithful Year of the Brown Dog, after the shenanigans of this past year ... 2017 was the high-tension Year of the Rooster and 2016 was the Year of the Fire Monkey!


On Friday, love planet Venus encourages you to go out and party. First of all, you will really want to get together with good friends when caring-sharing Venus forms an exceedingly fortuitous sextile aspect with insightful Saturn. We're talking about long-term friends, people you have known and loved the longest — or people with whom you really want to form a long-lasting friendship. But wait! There's more: you may turn down the wrong street and enter the wrong door of the wrong club ... but then you find Mr. Right waiting for you. That is because the most unusual twists of luck can occur when Venus is in a 30-degree semi-sextile aspect with surprised-filled Uranus.


On Saturday, reckless Sagittarius Mars squares off against nebulous Pisces Neptune. Imagine yourself barreling down a freeway at high speed ... and suddenly being enveloped in a fog bank which cuts visibility to zero. If you don't reduce speed immediately, you are bound for disaster. Mars is the fast sports car thundering down the highway ... and Pisces Neptune is the fog bank ... and you are in the driver's seat. This astrological configuration spells trouble for people who proceed full speed through life without any regard to their surroundings. They will come a cropper this week. However, this Mars/Neptune Square configuration is excellent for people who have latent intuitive, artistic or spiritual talents ... like Antinous-Dionysus. Mars invigorates and enlivens these talents. So the answer is: Proceed with caution, but keep your eyes open for brilliant new opportunities and insights which otherwise would have flashed past you unseen at high speed.

SUN-MONDAY, FEB. 18th-19th, 2018

On Sunday, the Sun aligns in perfection conjunction with Mercury and together, arm-in-arm, the Sun and Mercury leave emotionally dry and rational Aquarius and dive into the emotional waters of Pisces. Mercury leaves logic-ruled Aquarius and plunges into the murky waters of Pisces. For the next three weeks, as Mercury swims through the sign of the fish, your EQ Emotional Quotient will take precedence over your IQ Intelligence Quotient.

TUES-WEDNESDAY, FEB. 20th-21st, 2018

This is one of the most romantic weekends of the year because love goddess Venus and emotionally deep Neptune align in conjunction in dreamy Pisces. Passion and compassion are the bywords — but watch out for over-indulgence in Neptunian party drugs and alcohol. Meanwhile, you find exactly the right words for that important email, post or tweet when Aquarius Mercury forms a positive sextile aspect with precise Saturn.

THURS-FRIDAY, FEB. 22nd-23rd, 2018

Overnight Thursday-Friday we come to the Gemini First Quarter moon ... the lunar phase we call the JACKAL MOON in Antinous Moon Magic. Each Lunar Phase represents a Divine Spirit or Archetype. The Spirit of the Jackal in Antinous oracular arts is the embodiment of cunning and skill and sleight-of-hand and being slightly dodgy and sneaky but also being incredibly adept and learned in the ways of the world. The Gemini First Quarter Moon is the March moon of the Trickster, who taunts and teases, who plays tricks, who leads the soul through dark and treacherous passages ... who is more treacherous than any Underworld foe ... but whose cunning enables him to bring his charges to their goal. Meditations and rituals carried out tonight are best suited for looking beyond the the veil of lies and deceit that others (or we ourselves) throw over our eyes to prevent us from seeing clearly. This is also a very good night for finding canny and cunning solutions to difficult problems ... strategies for out-smarting those who seek to pull the wool over our eyes.

SAT-SUNDAY, FEB. 24th-25th, 2018

This weekend you can expect highly conflicting planetary energies. First off, Venus and Mars are in a 90-degree right angle to each other, causing chaos in love relationships. This is the astrological textbook recipe for a relationship in which tempers are always hot, the sex is always hot, passions are always hot and in which you are fighting violently with each other one moment — and then violently having sex the next moment. Just saying. In addition, your mind shifts into visionary mode when Mercury aligns with Neptune in dreamy Pisces. Pay special attention to your dreams ... and that includes day dreams. On Sunday, the Sun forms a cosy sextile aspect with Saturn, which provides an opportunity to slow down and stand back and review what plans you have in store for the year. No matter how fast and furiously (and destructively) things have been occurring so far this New Year, you now have a chance to analyse and study what needs to be done to ensure things are smoother the rest of the year.


Another exciting week lies ahead between February 26th and March 4th when you may find yourself feeling a bit guilty, a bit self-critical, a bit inadequate. That's the Virgo Full Moon ... but in Antinous Moon Magic, this is the DIANA MOON ... the moon of sisterhood, of kindred spirits in whom you can confide ... and a "sister" need not be blood related ... or even female ... you have a "sister" and tonight's full moon helps you find her .... More details next time.

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