Tuesday, January 16, 2018

By Our Crystal Meditation Adviser Martin Campbell

OUR astrology 'doctor' Hernestus, has prompted me that tonight's Lamia Moon phase is about coping with sickness and the importance of boosting healing energies to reverse the negativity.

Hopefully the following crystals can help to guard you from ill health, help cure any illness you may have and find spiritual connections which may help you do this alone or in connection with other spiritually connected souls around the world.

AGATE - There are many different types of Agate in many lovely colours. Collectively they help to diminish problems, cleanse your aura and strengthens blood vessels that carry healing white blood cells around the body.

FLUORITE – These come in many colours or blends of colours. Collectively they reorganise inappropriate energies in the body by detoxifying the glands.

RAINBOW MOONSTONE – These lovely crystals (shown at top of entry) help you to personally connect to healing that you can project locally and globally.

It also eyes arteries and veins. Very powerful for using during moon phases but too powerful during full moons.

In Light and Life,

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