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Antinous Astrology Forecast

JANUARY 18-28, 2018

THURS-FRIDAY, JAN. 18th-19th, 2018

Venus leaves stodgy Capricorn and enters socially interactive Aquarius, so you may feel an irresistible urge to check your social network even before you get out of bed. The coming month is idea for exploring the vastness of cyber worlds in search of the ultimate interactive relationship. You sense a yearning for new and interesting places, things and friends as Aquarius Venus opens your heart to adventurous new ideas and people. It will be easy for you to overcome your shyness and meet new people. But you may get bored quickly and may have a hard time focusing on any one subject — or person.

SAT-SUNDAY, JAN. 20th-21st, 2018

This weekend your intuition is enhanced when Mercury forms a sextile aspect with dreamy Neptune. You should trust your intuition about financial and business matters, but be wary of fast-talking con-men who try to cloud your mind. You can count on finding the right word at the right time by trusting your inner voice.

MON-TUESDAY, JAN. 22nd-23rd, 2018

This week "mental" Mercury aligns in conjunction with "investigative" Pluto, allowing us the chance to deftly channel our "inner detective" to get to the bottom of things, if we so desire ... although, we may also want to practice some measure of discretion with respect to how, when, and with whom we ultimately decide to share any of our findings. As most of us know: once we put something "out there," it’s there for good. By the way, the Scottish writer, Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of "Sherlock Holmes," had his natal Mercury in a tight conjunction with Pluto in Taurus in his "hidden" twelfth house. Michael Jackson was another person with this same planetary aspect, an influence which can also give us a "flair for the dramatic." Mercury-Pluto also tends to inject more passion (Pluto) into our communications (Mercury).


On Wednesday we come to the Taurus First Quarter Moon, the lunar phase of young love which, in Antinous Moon Magic, we call the ANTINOUS AMOR MOON ... this moon is perfect for Valentine's Day! Also: your optimism is only matched by your ambition when Mars forms a sextile aspect with Jupiter. You will feel capable of achieving anything and will want to go for the gold. So go for it!


On Thursday don't believe much of anything you hear when Mercury forms a chatty sextile aspect with Jupiter. Mercury loves to tell tales and Jupiter loves to exaggerate.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 26th, 2018

On Friday Mars enters fiery Sagittarius. For the next six weeks, the Martian energy will help you to discover new vistas in your love and sex life. You may even go somewhere you've never been before! This is one of best times of the year to be incredibly open-minded and experimental — just as the Sagittarian energy would have it. Sadge is also a very athletic sign, so you might find that your libido is strong enough that you don’t even need to hit the gym. If you're usually shy about asking your partner for what you want in bed, this is a wonderful opportunity to explore, because he or she is likely to be just as curious as you are. If you or your lover are Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) you'll feel this influence even more. Watch out, you could be too hot to handle.

SAT-SUNDAY, JAN. 27th-28th, 2018

This weekend vengeance and enmity ignite anew when Mercury and Uranus are in a 90-degree right angle to each other as the Sun and Uranus were last week. People act impulsively without thinking of the consequences ... consequences they will surely regret.


Another exciting week lies ahead between January 29th and February 5th when we come to a PINK MOON Lunar Eclipse which is also the lunar phase we call the LION HUNT MOON, the LEO FULL MOON. It is a reminder that Antinous slew a man-eating lion in Egypt. Antinous peered out into the barren wilderness with all its deep and hidden dangers. He charged forth, his bridle-reins in one hand and an adamantine-tipped spear in the other, and he faced the beast unafraid. For Antinous knew he would triumph over death. The Spirit of the Lion Hunt is the bravery of Antinous the Lion Slayer .... More details next time.

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