Monday, January 8, 2018

By Our Crystal Meditation Advisor Martin Campbell

AT this time of year people are focusing on resolutions for the new year. Good in some ways but we should, perhaps, consider making life changes at any time of year that feels appropriate, or in tune with the moon phase attributes that the sparkling Hernestus keeps us posted about. 

This year, however, it might be particularly good to set resolutions. 

This moon phase is the Crossroads moon so actually is perfect for making decisions for the future. To help you achieve this I would recommend meditations focusing on your resolution while holding or visualising your choice of (or combination of) the following crystals:

Amethyst -  These magical crystals are extremely powerful as a protective stone. They create higher states of consciousness and strongly enhance meditation. This wonderful crystal also helps the decision making process by enhancing common-sense and facilitating you to actually make the decision. 

Azeztulite - These were once very rare because it only comes from one US mine and the owner limited the supply. That has now changed so crystal stores do, now, often stock them. 

Many believe that these crystals only appear in one place because aliens placed them there to be found/used by humans who understood how crystals could be used to contact higher plains of existence. 

These crystals are certainly wonderful for connecting spiritually when decision making. They are, however, highly vibrational which means that new users may find it too powerful and feel overwhelmed, dizzy or sick using it at first. Once 'tuned in to them they are highly recommended for many states of mind.

Jade - If you want a stone/crystal to help you on your spiritual or life journey then Jade is a wonderful assistant.

It can awake hidden knowledge (buried in your subconscious or, perhaps, shrouded from you by incorrect mainstream religious teachings).  

I recommend green jade but  blue or white Jade also may help you during meditations right now. Use these crystal connectors to help you to make a choice and go ahead with it.

Love and Light,

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