Thursday, October 12, 2017


Antinous Astrology Forecast

OCTOBER 12th to 22nd, 2017


On Thursday the Earth will shake and conflicts will rumble around the globe ... and throughout your own household when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is at right angles to the Sun. This is the Cancer Third Quarter Moon, which is the DISCORDIA MOON in Antinous Moon Magic ... The goddess Discordia can be a powerful friend ... or deadly foe. Many gay men have assertiveness problems. On a gay spiritual level, the Discordia Moon shines its light on problem areas where you need to stand up and assert yourself. Anger is one of the most cathartic emotions, and it can also be a very effective cleanser of the emotional system. However, when it becomes a habit, it actually loses its power to transform and becomes an obstacle to growth. Meditations and rituals during the Discordia Moon can help you in identifying the role anger plays in your life and restoring it to its proper function so that it can bring new energy and expansiveness to your emotional life.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13th, 2017

On Friday, you find exactly the right words for that important email, post or tweet when Libra Mercury forms a positive sextile aspect with precise Saturn.

SAT-SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14th-15th, 2017

This weekend, Mercury is in opposition to Uranus, igniting spontaneous verbal explosions. Pent-up anger bursts out into all-out armed conflict. This is a classic textbook recipe for terrorist attacks. It definitely spells trouble for the world's hot spots. The threat of assassination looms large, as does the danger of terrorism. You need to be on guard for outbursts of rage. The important thing is to be aware where your rage is coming from. Don't vent your rage on innocent victims. Instead, be consciously aware of the source of your anger so that you can harness the powerful energies to carry out constructive projects you have been stalling on for way too long.

MON-TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16th-17th, 2017

This week starts out nicely when the Sun forms a cozy sextile aspect with Saturn, which provides an opportunity to slow down and stand back and review what plans you have in for the final quarter of 2017. No matter how fast and furiously (and destructively) things have been occurring so far this year, you now have a chance to analyze and study what needs to be done to ensure things are smoother the rest of the year.


Wednesday is the riskiest day of the year when two major configurations provide for major change: Sun opposition Uranus and Mercury conjunction Jupiter. Mercury aligns in perfect conjunction with Jupiter. This is a fortuitous configuration which enhances good luck, which you will need later this week. Not only are you lucky, but you find the right words to say at the right time ... and take the right actions ... to make your good fortune come true. In addition, sudden and abrupt change can occur with Earth-shattering results when the Sun is in 180-degree opposition to rebellious Uranus. This configuration occurs once a year and always brings unexpected and exciting encounters or events which shake up the world ... including your own personal world. Adapting to any changes requires extra effort, and any excitement may leave your nerves frayed. These unexpected and quite possibly unwanted changes can manifest in yourself, through a partner, or through an external event. Although initially upsetting and you may resist any change, it may offer a better way forward for you if you keep an open mind. You may anticipate something new on the horizon or feel nervous anxiety. Think about doing something out of the ordinary to satisfy your curiosity, otherwise the electric and spontaneous energy may escape in a destructive way such as a minor accident. Odd behavior or a radical about face in someone close to you may cause anxiety too. They may be looking for more personal freedom and any resistance or dominance from you would further encourage any rebelliousness. Arguments or separation may result from impatience or an inability on your part to adapt. It is possible now that someone new may enter your life who brings about much-needed change.

THURS-FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19th-20th, 2017

Overnight Thursday-Friday we come to the LIBRA NEW MOON... the Lunar Phase we call the TRIPOD MOON in Antinous Moon Magic in honor of the clouds of incense with which three-footed incense braziers filled the Ancient Temples of Antinous. The clouds of incense created a sacred other-worldly atmosphere of intoxication and purification ... but made rational decision-making difficult. If you are having trouble "seeing the fog", the Libra New Moon will show you where the confusion lies.

SAT-SUNDAY, OCTOBER 21st-22nd, 2017

This weekend is dominated by two sign changes: Mars enters Libra and the Sun enters Scorpio. On Saturday a quantum shift occurs when Mars leaves persnickety Virgo and enters diplomatic Libra, where the war god will remain until 9 December 2017. This means that in the coming months it will be easier to find elegant compromises to resolve difficult conflicts with a minimum of effort. That is very much needed on the global level, of course But in your personal life, Libra Mars helps you to free yourself of old complications which have kept you bound and tied up. When the Sun is in Scorpio, the guiding principle of Scorpio is "I desire". Scorpio is the sign of depth, intimacy, and extremes of feeling. Superficiality simply will not do with the Sun in Scorpio. We have the desire to get to the bottom of matters. Mediocrity does not satisfy either. All that is hidden, taboo, secret, or suppressed interests us. The time for diplomacy (Sun in Libra) is over. Now it is time for incisive action (Sun in Scorpio).


Another exciting week lies ahead between October 23rd and 29th when we come to the Aquarius First Quarter Moon ... the Lunar Phase in Antinous Moon Magic which we call the altruistic and magnanimous CONCORDIA MOON ... the perfect night for laying enmity and strife to rest ... and open your heart to healing love .... More details next time.

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