Tuesday, September 19, 2017


TONIGHT's Virgo New Moon is the lunar phase which, in Antinous Moon Magic, is called the PLOTINA MOON in honor of Emperor Trajan's wife, the Empress Plotina, who lobbied on Hadrian's behalf, ensuring he would be Trajan's successor.

Hadrian was a favorite of Plotina's and she did everything in her power to further his career and to position him to succeed her husband Trajan as emperor. Indeed, it is said that, upon Trajan's death, Plotina forged his signature on a will naming Hadrian as his successor.

It has been speculated that she and Hadrian were lovers, though his preference for males and their age difference (she was old enough to be his mother) may make that speculation seem a bit far-fetched.

Whatever the case, Plotina showered Hadrian with love, favors and the wealth of her insights into the machinations and workings of the inner coterie surrounding the Emperor.

Thanks to Plotina's tutelage, Hadrian was well-equipped to become emperor.

Each lunar phase represents a Divine Spirit or Archetype. The Spirit of the Plotina Moon is the Spirit of the Crone, the Wise Woman, the White Witch, the Great Mother Isis. She is a Spirit Guide.

She is not maternal like a mother, but instead she is more of a doting grandmother or great aunt. This Spirit has seen everything, been everywhere and experienced everything.

Life has few surprises left for this Spirit, and yet she marvels anew at each bright new day of discovery. There is always something yet to be discovered, some new secret to be unveiled, some riddle to be solved.

The Spirit of Plotina is ever seeking to reveal all and to share her vast grimoire of secret knowledge with her favorite protege.

The Virgo New Moon comes at the end of summer in the Northern Hemisphere when crops have been harvested and leaves are beginning to fall and the heat of summer wanes. In the Southern Hemisphere, this is the New Moon signalling a time to put away winter clothes and plant for spring with the knowledge you have gained during the winter.

It is the same New Moon, and ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD gazes down on both hemispheres. The days are getting shorter and the days are getting longer. Yet, our Lunar Deity invites us to look beyond the calendar to seek the wisdom that the PLOTINA MOON has to offer us, wherever we live.

The key words for the PLOTINA MOON are: Wisdom. Experience. Magnanimity. Old Age. Wise Woman. Vast Intelligence.

This lunar phase represents deep inner wisdom that comes from the "school of hard knocks".

This is the wise old "curandera" (white witch) who needs no books or rituals because the magic is deep down inside her soul. She and the magic are one and the same.

On a superficial level, this lunar phase is a time to honor to an older person, an old gay wizard, for example, who is influential in your life. On a deeper level, it is inviting you to become better acquainted with the ancient "curandero" (gay wizard) in your soul.

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