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Antinous Astrology Forecast

SEPTEMBER 1-17, 2017


This week Retrograde Mercury reverses out of others-first Virgo back into me-first Leo for its second tour of duty in the sign of the lion. This gives you a 10-day chance to fix anything that was left unfixed the first time (July 5th-25th).


On Saturday, it is high time to break free of chains which have bound you for far too long when Leo Mars forms a liberating trine aspect with Aries Uranus. In Antinous Moon Magic we call this the "Stonewall Configuration" because the Stonewall Riots best demonstrate what can happen ... an explosive and wholly unexpected rebellion. Because both planets are in fire signs, this aspect can spawn a sudden rupture or disruption of global consequences ... with long-lasting consequences. Uranus is Retrograde right now, which means these chains have been restraining us for much longer than necessary. Mars in selfish Leo says it is time to break the chains, and Uranus in impulsive Aries says the chains must be broken with no regard for danger or peril.


On Sunday, Retrograde Mercury conjunct Mars in Leo creates an explosive atmosphere. Old issues explode onto the world arena with a bang. Bullies rattle sabres. Tempers flare. Drive carefully: Road Rage Rules!


On Monday, meditation and astral travel are enhanced by the Virgo Sun and Pisces Neptune. Sun opposition Neptune enhances your ability to lift the veil between the worlds and to perceive spirits in other realms. You can also receive messages from the beyond and communicate more effectively with your higher self and with spirit guides during this profoundly spiritual configurations. Because Neptune is retrograde (going "backwards" as seen from Earth) you can delve into past-life incarnations. In addition, don't be surprised when unexpected messages from the past turn up, because Retrograde Mercury is in a trine aspect to Retrograde Uranus.


On Tuesday, two big events of this year occur: Mars enters Virgo, and Retrograde Mercury turns Direct. Don't be surprised when "conflicts" dissipate overnight ... when Mars leaves drama-queen Leo and enters caring-and-sharing Virgo starting Friday (until 13th November) ... where Mars energizes healing while soothing the heart ... Virgo Mars empowers you to act in a responsible and supportive way to help others ... and yourself! Martian ambition will be channeled into productive avenues from now until October 14th. That means some protracted disputes will seem to resolve themselves almost literally overnight. Aren't you tired of all the computer glitches, "lost" files, travel delays and snafus of recent weeks? Take heart! Now Mercury does an about-face and starts going forward again as seen from Earth, ending three weeks of Retrograde "backwards" travel. So you can safely message friends and co-workers a prediction that certain "lost" computer files or parcels will show up by the time they go to work the next morning. Mercury going backwards creates this sort of impish mayhem with matters concerning communications, documents and money. Misplaced tickets, keys, "lost" computer files, letters and packages which vanish into postal limbo ... all are typical of Retrograde Mercury. The "lost" things turn up again as if by magic when Mercury goes Direct again. A skilled astrologer, Hadrian no doubt amazed his courtiers by accurately predicting when some "lost" document or wayward courier message would finally re-appear out of no where.

WEDS-FRIDAY, SEPT. 6th-8th, 2017

The highlight of the week occurs on Wednesday, when we come to the Pisces Full Moon ... In heterosexual astrology, the Pisces Full Moon is just a moon of sensual spiritual energy. But in Antinous Gay Moon Magic, this is the HOMOTHEOSIS MOON ... the archetype of gay sexuality ... when your sexual dreams can come true ... This hot Full Moon tells you it may be time to take your relationship to a whole new level ... This lunar phase helps you to deepen your love relationships in meaningful ways, making constructive compromises which allow each partner freedom while strengthening the bonds which unite you both.


This weekend the caring-and-sharing Virgo Sun forms a dreamy sextile aspect to intuitive Neptune, inviting you to reflect introspectively about how this year is going so far, and to start dreaming about how the rest of the year may turn out. This is the perfect evening for oracle games, scrying, dreamscaping and fortune-telling.


On Sunday you should try to avoid any bickering over the breakfast table. Call a truce until later in the day when you will find healing words for your sweetie after Mercury leaves selfish Leo and enters compassionate Virgo. It has been said that Virgo Mercury is like having a cyber-servant or surrogate replicant who anticipates all your inter-personal communications needs and rushes to your beck and call. Mercury will be in Virgo until September 30th, which means you can expect advice and supportive suggestions for "upgrading" your cognitive and communications skills for the next three weeks.


On Tuesday, drama-queen Leo Venus forms a productive trine aspect with Sagittarius Saturn. Venus trine Saturn helps you perceive whom you can trust for the long run.


On Wednesday, ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD squares off against the Sun for the GEMINI THIRD QUARTER MOON which in Antinous Moon Magic is called the CONSOLATION MOON because it is the Lunar Archetypal energy of serendipity and fortuitous misadventures. You win the Silver Medal (but not the Gold). You win $20 in the lottery (but not the jackpot of $20 million). It is about finding a $50 bill in an old wallet.


On Thursday, problems arise out of no where when the Sun squares off against Saturn, as it does twice a year. Saturn is the cosmic teacher, focusing the rays of the nurturing Virgo Sun on problems in your life which need to be corrected ... and giving you insights to solutions to those problems.


On Friday, you will want to watch out for excesses in eating, drinking, spending money and falling in love when indulgent Venus forms an expansive sextile aspect with exaggeration-prone Jupiter. If you are a latent shopoholic, this is the one week of the year where you will max out on your addiction ... while maxing out on your credit card. This is a good day for smooth-talking gigolos who pay fanciful compliments to you ... and you find yourself actually believing them ... And why not? Is that such a bad thing? Why not enjoy the fantasy as long as it lasts ... and as long as you know it's a fantasy?


On Saturday, Mercury aligns in conjunction with Mars in Leo for the second time in two weeks and the third this year. The most recent time was when Mercury was Retrograde, resurrecting old issues with a loud bang. This time Mercury conjunction Mars creates a similarly explosive atmosphere, but with new issues. Bullies rattle sabres. Tempers flare. Drive carefully: Road Rage Rules! Some astrologers say this is when people sharpen their swords, but we prefer to say it is when people sharpen their tongues to use as weapons! Remember that lovely line from "The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde (who is a Saint of Antinous, by the way): "On an occasion of this kind it becomes more than a moral duty to speak one's mind. It becomes a pleasure." This is an aspect which encourages people to say vicious and intentionally hurtful things. People are overly persnickety and bitchy and downright mean. You'll be amazed how true this is.


On Sunday, you might want to purchase a lottery ticket when Venus forms a trine aspect with winner-take-all Uranus. Not only are these fortuitous configurations good for making money, but they also greatly enhance chances of love and romance. So, go ahead — take a chance on love.


Another exciting week lies ahead between September 18th and 24th when we come to the Virgo New Moon, which is the lunar phase in Antinous Moon Magic we call the PLOTINA MOON in honor of Emperor Trajan's wife, the Empress Plotina, who lobbied on Hadrian's behalf, ensuring he would be Hadrian's successor ... The Spirit of the Plotina Moon is the Spirit of the Crone, the Wise Woman, the White Witch, the Great Mother Isis ... But "she" is a Spirit Guide who transcends gender — she is the ancient gay wizard in your soul. This New Moon signals the beginning of the last third of the calendar year. It is time to start wrapping up your projects for this year ... and making good on those bold and ambitious New Year's Resolutions ... More details next time ....

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