Monday, August 14, 2017


TONIGHT  is the night of the Taurus Third Quarter Moon which we call the "Moon of Brothers" in honor of Lucius Aelius Caesar who was a veritable brother to Antinous at the imperial court of Emperor Hadrian.

Each Lunar Phase represents a Divine Spirit or Archetype. The Spirit of the "Lucius Moon" is the Spirit of Brotherhood. This is the Kindred Spirit who accompanies you all your life and who is there for you through thick and thin. 

Even when all others abandon you, your brother stands by you. But he is no pushover. 

He admonishes you to do better, to straighten up and fly right, even though he himself is no paragon of virtue. 

This Spirit knows you a bit too well, perhaps. He is cocky and has a tendency to swagger and boast. He can be a free spirit who is a high-stepper, a bit of a dandy, a man with a chip on his shoulder, a brother who exudes "attitude".

On this night we remember Lucius Aelius Caesar (January 13, 101 - January 1, 138), who became the adopted son and intended successor of Hadrian, but who never attained the throne, dying of illness before Hadrian after a brief life of licentious love of luxury. 

Aelius Caesar is a major character in Marguerite Yourcenar's epic historical novel MÉMOIRES D'HADRIEN (MEMOIRS OF HADRIAN). Lucius, as we affectionately call him, is the recipient of much bittersweet love and adoration from followers of the Religion of Antinous. 

For us he represents so many pretty young men whose bright futures are thwarted by tragic illness. 

Aelius Caesar is often called the Western Favorite, because of the possibility that he rivaled Antinous for Hadrian's love. We venerate Aelius Caesar as the fallen Prince of Flowers, the spiritual twin brother of Antinous.

The Taurus Third Quarter Moon is about comfort and luxury along with practicality.

This is the night for ANTINOUS MOON MAGIC rituals on behalf of your "brothers", whether biological, social or spiritual brothers, and regardless of gender. 

This is the night you celebrate a brotherly good friend (generally male) who definitely is on your side.

Your brother shares your dreams. This brother may have a bit of "attitude". He loves comfort and style and can be a bit superficial at times. But he stands beside you to help you fulfill your dreams.

This can be a biological brother, but more likely a brother in spirit. He may tease you and be your rival but, when the chips are down, he will stand up for you and fight valiantly for you. Honor him, he is your brother!

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