Monday, August 7, 2017

By Our Crystal Meditation Advisor Martin Campbell

OUR astrology adviser Hernestus has advised me that today is the Aquarius Full Moon which is the Donum Moon of Amtinous Vertumnus. 

Hernestus further advised me that crystals for any meditation today should have attributes which focus on the Aquarian ability to appreciate the bounty of life. 

It is about giving and being open to receiving gifts. 

With this in mind I would recommend that you meditate using the following crystals:

Cinnabar - this unusual red crystal (below right) can be quite expensive but it is worth considerings because of its appropriate attributes for today's focus on abundance. Cinnabar is known to attract abundance. This may be particularly via trade but it will only focus on trade which is positive and undertaken with no ill intent or aggression.

Diamond - you knew I was going to say that didn't you?! Hopefully you have one or know someone who has one ... like Hernestus in the photo above. 

Maybe you have given one as a gift or may receive one as a gift. 

Whatever the circumstances they help you to manifest - attract - abundance into your life. This abundance will most often be in love, relationships or wealth. 

People have not given diamonds for millennia for no reason.  The givers were usually wealthy, the receivers usually delighted and loving in return. 

Hadrian gave Antinous a spear head made from diamond. Antinous both treasured it and used it to save the man he loved by killing a charging lion with that same spear head.

Carnelian - these lovely orange or light reddish brown stones are my favourite crystals I carry one with me always. They bring joy and vitality, energy but also ground you in the current reality. 

I have them in many forms and have just commissioned a new silver ring set with a Carnelian - the ring is the eternal snake of life forever eating its own tail. 

Anyway, Carnelian also invites abundance into your home (especially if you have a Carnelian near your front door). 

Since I have loved and cherished my Carnelians I have paid off the loan for my house, bought a much bigger 'new ' house (its Victorian) and have abundance of love, happiness and joy in my life."

Love and Light from my screen


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