Monday, August 28, 2017


By Our Crystal Meditation Advisor Martin Campbell

OUR well traveled astrological expert Hernestus has prompted me that the coming moon phase is theEquestrian Moon (Sagittarius First Quarter Moon). It will bring thoughts of  travel - both physical and spiritual journeys.

There are some among us who have traveled in the footsteps of Antinous and Hadrian. 

Right now our companion in Antinous,  Andriy Bendyna, is following our gods Antinous and Hadrian through Greece - keeping us up to date via Facebook as he sees each divine place and relic. Blessed be to him. 

I have trodden in those same footsteps and also followed my gods across Britain, Italy and Egypt. An epic journey but worth every penny/cent and every step.

Of course we spiritual folk also take spiritual leaps of faith and journeys into our hearts and those of our gods. These are perhaps the hardest of all journeys at the outset. We may need guidance to start or to understand what it is we see, think or feel as the journey unfolds. They can be epic too. 

We are all on the path - enjoy the ride!

To help you to meditate on these journeys and during this moon, I recommend that you use the following crystals to enhance your experience:

Yellow Jasper - These attractive stones protect you during journeys and helps to feel energized to do so. 

No doubt that is one reason the artesans of Ancient Egypt created the breath-taking head of a queen or princess (shown above) out of yellow jasper. This fragment was found in the ruins of "heretic" Pharaoh Akhenaten's city ... a scant 20 km south of Antinoopolis.

Amethyst - Yes my old favourite again! One of its many attributes is to help you to have out of body experiences and intuitive dreams if you sleep with it under your pillow. 

Love and Light,

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TONIGHT Antinous the Moon God is in his first quarter in the lofty sign of Sagittarius, the sign of travellers, voyagers, pilgrims and those who embark on Gay Spiritual Quests.

In Antinous Moon Magic, each lunar phase represents a spiritual archetype. We call this First Quarter Sagittarius Moon the EQUESTRIAN MOON.

The Equestrian Moon is the best night of the year for blessings involving travel. 

Bless your faithful car, bike, boat ... or your beloved horse! 

This is the day to meditate or do a ritual involving a house move, change of jobs or relocation. 

On a deeper level, this lunar phase speaks of your spiritual movement, astral travel and astral projection ... this Moon says: "Try it, you can do it!"

Here's a lovely depiction of the Equestrian Moon symbolism from Italian artist Giorgio Tavaglione's L'ORACOLO DELLA SIBILLA oracle cards.

Monday, August 21, 2017


ON the 21st of August, we come to a dramatic Total Solar Eclipse which is visible over nearly all of the continental United States.

This cosmic event coincides with the magical SUMMER BLUE MOON of Antinous and the SACRED LION HUNT

The Solar Eclipse is brief, lasting only 2 minutes and 40 seconds, but it cuts a swathe diagonally across the continental United States from Oregon to South Carolina. 

This Solar Eclipse, brief as it is, will produce effects on the United States that will last for 12 months. This coming 12-month period will be a time of dramatic, possibly even traumatic changes for America. Thus this Solar Eclipse will virtually eclipse all cosmic events of the coming year.

As if that were not enough, the Sun and Moon are in a powerful trine aspect with Uranus ... a configuration which unleashes dramatic and even revolutionary changes.

Millions of people view this heavenly spectacle with awe and superstitious fear ... but the priests of Antinous admonish you to open your heart to the bold courage that is being released ... for you to harness in your own life.

Remember, if you will, how Antinous and Hadrian slew a lion at this time of year, with the Sun in the final degrees of Leo the Lion in August 130 AD. 

Within a few short weeks, Antinous himself would be dead. The Sacred Lion Hunt is the last recorded event in His short life.

And some time afterward, grieving Hadrian would look up into the  nighttime skies with tear-filled eyes and his court astronomers would point out a New Star which had appeared in the southern part of the Constellation of Aquila the Eagle.

The New Star would be interpreted as a celestial sign that Antinous had been raised to the firmament as the  CONSTELLATION OF ANTINOUS. It was a sign that Antinous was now a God. 

Antinous was worshipped in ancient times as a Moon God. When you see the "Man in the Moon" you are looking at Antinous!

So, when the Moon crosses the face of the Sun today remember Antinous and how he peered out into the barren wilderness with all its deep and hidden dangers. 

He charged forth, his bridle-reins in his left hand and an adamantine-tipped lance in his right, and he faced death unafraid.

For Antinous knew he was immortal.

The Constellation of Antinous, still under the wing of the Imperial Eagle, will be right directly over your head tonight — shining proof that Antinous is a God and that he is indeed immortal. 

Don't look out into the darkness around you and be afraid. Instead, look up and remember the Beloved Boy, who was a fearless hunter, who stalked death itself, and who emerged victorious over it.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

ASTRO FORECAST: AUG. 9th—SEPT. 3rd, 2017

Antinous Astrology Forecast

AUG 9th to SEPT 3rd, 2017

THURSDAY, AUG. 9th-10th, 2017

Lady Luck smiles on you this week when Mercury forms a sextile aspect with Venus even as the Leo Sun forms a sextile with lucky Jupiter.This is the sort of day that the Latin expression "Carpe Diem" (Seize the Day) was created for. Be sure to buy a lottery ticket ... and be sure to share the winnings with everybody around you.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 11th, 2017

On Friday you see the world through rose-colored glasses when Venus forms a 90-degree square angle to Neptune. This is a good day for smooth-talking gigolos who pay fanciful compliments to you — and you find yourself actually believing them ... And why not? Is that such a bad thing? Why not enjoy the fantasy as long as it lasts ... and as long as you know it's a fantasy?


On Saturday, the Sun forms a brilliant and glowing trine aspect with Saturn which empowers you with perseverance and clear vision to make some serious long-term plans for the future.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 13th, 2017

On Sunday, Mercury does an about-face and goes "backwards" as seen from Earth until September 5th. This RETROGRADE MERCURY phase is a time of confusion in communications and commerce. About three times each year, Mercury the communications wizard turns into Mercury the fast-talking con man. This is the RETROGRADE MERCURY phase, and it lasts about three weeks. Because Mercury is in Taurus, RETROGRADE MERCURY will be serving up glitches and snafus in the Taurus-related areas of household appliances and home finances as well as communications, computers, transport, travel and social media. If you are buying a new mobile phone, be sure to read the fine print about hidden costs. Planning to move into a new apartment? Check the kitchen and bathroom for tell-tale signs of mold before signing the lease. Remember over the next three weeks that MERCURY wants you to play his sly game to win — not to be a whining victim. Make him proud of the way you play his game!

MONDAY, AUGUST 14th, 2017

On Monday, we come to the Taurus Third Quarter Moon — the LUCIUS MOON OF BROTHERS — when we honor Lucius Aelius, who was like a brother to Antinous in the imperial court of Hadrian. This night is when we celebrate our gay brothers.

TUES-WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 15th-16th, 2017

Overnight Tuesday-Wednesday, the Earth may shake for you when Venus moves into opposition with Pluto, something that happens only once a year. There is equally the possibility of making a profound commitment at this time, particularly in a sexual relationship. Power struggles are also possible in this phase. Venus opposition to Pluto can also literally cause the Earth to shake ... in the form of earthquakes.

THURS-FRIDAY, AUGUST 17th-18th, 2017

Overnight Thursday-Friday, indulgent Venus squares off against excessive Jupiter. If you are planning to go to an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast ... then you will pig out because it's easy to fall victim to temptation during this configuration. We need to be wary of overdoing it with rich food, intoxicating drinks and other "vices." It will be difficult switching gears and getting back to work. There's even a possibility we'll forget responsibilities altogether. This isn't a good time to make luxury purchases. A sports car could require costly repair, a gourmet meal may be less than satisfying or an expensive outfit may be made with inferior materials. Wait another day to splurge. Getting good value for money will be very difficult under this configuration.

SAT-SUNDAY, AUGUST 19th-20th, 2017

This weekend, the Sun forms a positive trine aspect with Uranus which blows in a breath of fresh air which rejuvenates and invigorates you and encourages you to act first and ask questions later.

MONDAY, AUGUST 21st, 2017

On Monday, we come to a dramatic Total Solar Eclipse which is visible over nearly all of the continental United States. This cosmic event occurs with the SUMMER BLUE MOON of Antinous and the SACRED LION HUNT. The Solar Eclipse is brief, lasting only 2 minutes and 40 seconds, but it cuts a swathe diagonally across the continental United States from Oregon to South Carolina. This Solar Eclipse, brief as it is, will produce effects on the United States that will last for 12 months. This coming 12-month period will be a time of dramatic, possibly even traumatic changes for America, particularly because of the Sun-Trine-Uranus effect of the weekend. Thus this Solar Eclipse will virtually eclipse all cosmic events of the coming year.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 22nd, 2017

This week, ambitious Mars forms a positive trine aspect with industrious Saturn to give you the drive you need to push forward projects which have been stalled in recent weeks. It's now or never. Trust Mars to give you the determination. Trust Saturn to give you the cautious determination. Meanwhile, the Sun enters Virgo, which puts the focus of the coming four weeks on detailed analysis of work and health issues.


On Wednesday it's make-up or break-up time when Venus squares off against Uranus. You can be sure that unanticipated upheavals will occur in interpersonal relationships. Misunderstandings and arguments come from no where. This is the sort of day when seemingly stable relationships break up for a minor reason. And at work, you sense that people are conspiring against you. And quite possibly they are.


On Thursday, the year 2017 gets a reboot when Saturn turns around in space and goes Direct ("forward" as seen from Earth) again for the first time since it went Retrograde on April 6th, 2017. As Saturn retraced its steps over the last five months, we all revisited issues and problems in our lives which needed to be remedied before we move on. Saturn, the school teacher of the Zodiac, forced you to sit down and complete your homework before moving forward to the next class.Now, with Saturn moving forward again, this means a breakthrough in logjams in Sagittarius Saturn topics such as karmic trust issues in relationships, business partnerships and legal matters. You will see progress again in those areas and can make new commitments and set lofty new goals.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 25th, 2017

On Friday, Venus, the planet of love, leaves down-home Cancer and struts into show-off Leo, where she remains for a month. This is a chance to put on high heels and strut your stuff and make yourself attractive to others so your popularity soars. When you look good, you feel good so treat yourself to a new outfit or a facial or a haircut or any other pampering session that boosts your self esteem. Old-school astrology texts like to call Leo a Drama Queen. They like to paint planets in the sign of Leo as people with superiority complexes. This happens occasionally, but mostly it doesn't. Leo is the sign of Royalty, and royalty, the kind that stays in power, doesn't lord over others. True royalty is generous, humane and often quietly dignified. Venus in Leo gives you the expressive dignity of a Queen or King, you have creative dominion over an artistic field… and the hearts of others.

SAT-SUNDAY, AUGUST 26th-27th, 2017

This weekend, the Sun aligns with Mercury in what is called an "inferior conjunction" which brings thoughts from the past into your conscious mind. This is a good weekend for past-life regressions and dream-scaping.

MON-WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 28th-30th, 2017

This week is dominated by ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD overnight Monday/Tuesday when we come to the Sagittarius First Quarter Moon, which we call the EQUESTRIAN MOON in Antinous Moon Magic ... the Lunar Phase we associate with spiritual movement and progress, astral travel and astral projection ... On the material level, this Lunar Phase is excellent for making travel plans and for carrying out rituals for a safe journey with bountiful spiritual rewards ... or at least for washing that vehicle of yours.

THURS-FRIDAY, AUG 31st-SEPT 1st, 2017

This week Retrograde Mercury reverses out of others-first Virgo back into me-first Leo for its second tour of duty in the sign of the lion. This gives you a 10-day chance to fix anything that was left unfixed the first time (July 5th-25th).

SATURDAY, SEPT. 2nd, 2017

On Saturday, it is high time to break free of chains which have bound you for far too long when Leo Mars forms a liberating trine aspect with Aries Uranus. In Antinous Moon Magic we call this the "Stonewall Configuration" because the Stonewall Riots best demonstrate what can happen ... an explosive and wholly unexpected rebellion. Because both planets are in fire signs, this aspect can spawn a sudden rupture or disruption of global consequences ... with long-lasting consequences. Uranus is Retrograde right now, which means these chains have been restraining us for much longer than necessary. Mars in selfish Leo says it is time to break the chains, and Uranus in impulsive Aries says the chains must be broken with no regard for danger or peril.


On Sunday, Retrograde Mercury conjunct Mars in Leo makes it a great day to re-do, refurbish, review or rehash ambitious projects. How about a makeover? This is the time to go for it!


Another exciting week lies ahead between September 4th and 10th when we come to the Pisces Full Moon ... In heterosexual astrology, the Pisces Full Moon is just a moon of sensual spiritual energy. But in Antinous Gay Moon Magic, this is the HOMOTHEOSIS MOON ... the archetype of gay sexuality ... when your sexual dreams can come true ... This hot Full Moon tells you it may be time to take your relationship to a whole new level ... This lunar phase helps you to deepen your love relationships in meaningful ways, making constructive compromises which allow each partner freedom while strengthening the bonds which unite you both... More details next time ....

Monday, August 14, 2017

By Our Crystal Meditation Advisor Martin Campbell

OUR venerable astrology expert Hernestus has informed me that today is the Taurus Third Quarter Moon or "Lucius Moon of Antinous". Hernestus suggests that this moon will encourage us to focus on brothers and brotherhood.

I had an interesting insight into this recently. Living in the Pagan heartland of England - Glastonbury - we see regular spiritual events to mark the Pagan calendar, solstices etc. Many of these involve a procession through the streets of the town. 

Glastonbury has the only temple to the Goddess (representing all of the divine feminine aspects of any faith) in the UK (and maybe Europe).

Consequently this little town (10,000 inhabitants) has the only national Goddess Conference attracting priestesses, speakers and delegates from all over the world. To end the conference there is a parade through the streets.

Soman and I had never seen this so we wandered down (2 minutes from our house) to where the parades start. We fully expected to see lots of 'buxom', middle aged women in flowing, tie-dye dresses, long hair and festooned with crystal jewelry. 

There were hundreds of them! They sang songs about their goddesses, played drums and chanted that they 'walked with the goddess' as the procession moved through the streets.

Then, suddenly, there was a surprise. There was a man on the parade! A gay man, carrying a rainbow flag and proudly chanting along with the women about his devotion to a goddess! I nearly cried with joy! 

You see we all have moments where our expectations and stereotypes get challenged. These wonderful women were devoted spiritual beings. Of course they would embrace a brother into their faith - especially a gay one! 

I too have female deities I hold in my worship. It could have been me walking, singing and laughing under that banner. 

These colourful women were my sisters and that  joyous gay guy in the parade was my spiritual brother. You reading this are my brotherly companions in adoration of Antinous. 

If you want to meditate on your brother, brothers, spiritual brothers or brotherhood in general I would suggest the following crystals to hold and focus your energies through while meditating during this moon:

Chalcedony - This beautiful crystal comes in many forms (stones, crystals, geodes etc.). Generally they are pale white, pink or blue. 

In ancient times (probably known to Hadrian who was paranoid about such things) Chalcedony was sometimes formed into chalices for leaders to drink from as it was said to dispel poisons. 

It certainly dissipates negative energy. Perhaps its key attribute, though, is to help us focus on brotherhood and goodwill to all men.   

Rhodonite - This red or pink stone was used in ancient times as an emotional ' First Aid' kit. It was believed to heal torment, shock and pain arising from deeply emotional situations. As a result, this crystal encourages you to focus on brotherhood and humanity."

Love and Light,

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TONIGHT  is the night of the Taurus Third Quarter Moon which we call the "Moon of Brothers" in honor of Lucius Aelius Caesar who was a veritable brother to Antinous at the imperial court of Emperor Hadrian.

Each Lunar Phase represents a Divine Spirit or Archetype. The Spirit of the "Lucius Moon" is the Spirit of Brotherhood. This is the Kindred Spirit who accompanies you all your life and who is there for you through thick and thin. 

Even when all others abandon you, your brother stands by you. But he is no pushover. 

He admonishes you to do better, to straighten up and fly right, even though he himself is no paragon of virtue. 

This Spirit knows you a bit too well, perhaps. He is cocky and has a tendency to swagger and boast. He can be a free spirit who is a high-stepper, a bit of a dandy, a man with a chip on his shoulder, a brother who exudes "attitude".

On this night we remember Lucius Aelius Caesar (January 13, 101 - January 1, 138), who became the adopted son and intended successor of Hadrian, but who never attained the throne, dying of illness before Hadrian after a brief life of licentious love of luxury. 

Aelius Caesar is a major character in Marguerite Yourcenar's epic historical novel MÉMOIRES D'HADRIEN (MEMOIRS OF HADRIAN). Lucius, as we affectionately call him, is the recipient of much bittersweet love and adoration from followers of the Religion of Antinous. 

For us he represents so many pretty young men whose bright futures are thwarted by tragic illness. 

Aelius Caesar is often called the Western Favorite, because of the possibility that he rivaled Antinous for Hadrian's love. We venerate Aelius Caesar as the fallen Prince of Flowers, the spiritual twin brother of Antinous.

The Taurus Third Quarter Moon is about comfort and luxury along with practicality.

This is the night for ANTINOUS MOON MAGIC rituals on behalf of your "brothers", whether biological, social or spiritual brothers, and regardless of gender. 

This is the night you celebrate a brotherly good friend (generally male) who definitely is on your side.

Your brother shares your dreams. This brother may have a bit of "attitude". He loves comfort and style and can be a bit superficial at times. But he stands beside you to help you fulfill your dreams.

This can be a biological brother, but more likely a brother in spirit. He may tease you and be your rival but, when the chips are down, he will stand up for you and fight valiantly for you. Honor him, he is your brother!

Monday, August 7, 2017


ARE you feeling nervous and irritable? Blame it on the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse ... an "almost" lunar eclipse which does not appreciably darken the moon ... but which is nonetheless astrologically powerful. 

Tonight's Aquarius Full Moon ... or DONUM MOON of Antinous ... occurs when the Earth is exactly between the Sun and the Moon. Usually the Moon is above or below the Earth's shadow. But tonight the Moon clips a corner of the Earth's shadow.

The very bright Full Moon will be imperceptibly dimmer ... but not engulfed in the full shadow of the Earth. This "almost lunar eclipse" will be visible from the Americas in the early hours of August 18 ... to the extent that your eyes can note any difference in brightness.

Even though you may not be able to clearly see the eclipse, you will definitely end up feeling its effects in a meaningful way. 

This lunar eclipse is more noteworthy than usual because it will be taking place in the constellation of Aquarius, and when we are in Leo (July 23–Aug 22) as we are now, it’s opposite the sun. As such, the darkened moon will have a profound impact on all of our lives and we can expect a major shift to come our way!

Every person will experience a sort of change in their own personal way, from slight to life-altering, and here are the more significant ways in which the lunar eclipse may affect us:

Some people will be touchier than usual and quick to anger or upset, especially those who already have a short fuse.

Some of us will crave extra love, support, and attention, especially the mothering type that is more nurturing and encouraging overall.

Some people will begin to stop caring so much about what others think. They will start deciding things on their own and for themselves. Whereas the opinions and judgments of others would have once bothered them immensely and held them back, they will no longer have that negative, stifling effect.

Some people will become more confident, self-aware, and conscious of their choices. In turn, they will also shift into a happier and more enlightened phase of their lives, which is always an upgrade and a good thing!

By Our Crystal Meditation Advisor Martin Campbell

OUR astrology adviser Hernestus has advised me that today is the Aquarius Full Moon which is the Donum Moon of Amtinous Vertumnus. 

Hernestus further advised me that crystals for any meditation today should have attributes which focus on the Aquarian ability to appreciate the bounty of life. 

It is about giving and being open to receiving gifts. 

With this in mind I would recommend that you meditate using the following crystals:

Cinnabar - this unusual red crystal (below right) can be quite expensive but it is worth considerings because of its appropriate attributes for today's focus on abundance. Cinnabar is known to attract abundance. This may be particularly via trade but it will only focus on trade which is positive and undertaken with no ill intent or aggression.

Diamond - you knew I was going to say that didn't you?! Hopefully you have one or know someone who has one ... like Hernestus in the photo above. 

Maybe you have given one as a gift or may receive one as a gift. 

Whatever the circumstances they help you to manifest - attract - abundance into your life. This abundance will most often be in love, relationships or wealth. 

People have not given diamonds for millennia for no reason.  The givers were usually wealthy, the receivers usually delighted and loving in return. 

Hadrian gave Antinous a spear head made from diamond. Antinous both treasured it and used it to save the man he loved by killing a charging lion with that same spear head.

Carnelian - these lovely orange or light reddish brown stones are my favourite crystals I carry one with me always. They bring joy and vitality, energy but also ground you in the current reality. 

I have them in many forms and have just commissioned a new silver ring set with a Carnelian - the ring is the eternal snake of life forever eating its own tail. 

Anyway, Carnelian also invites abundance into your home (especially if you have a Carnelian near your front door). 

Since I have loved and cherished my Carnelians I have paid off the loan for my house, bought a much bigger 'new ' house (its Victorian) and have abundance of love, happiness and joy in my life."

Love and Light from my screen


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TONIGHT'S Aquarius Full Moon is the summertime moon of generous gifts which we associate with Antinous in his guise as Vertumnus, the shape-shifting God of summertime bounty and generous gifts.

This is the full moon of letting go, breaking out of restrictions, busting out of prisons, liberating yourself from the chains which restrain you.

It represents a boon (material or otherwise) which comes your way through generosity. It is an unexpected gift from someone else.

Or it is a gift you give to yourself. The Aquarius Full Moon is about philanthropic generosity

 In ANTINOUS MOON MAGIC we call this the DONUM MOON when magical rituals are performed for fortuitous gifts. 

Antinous/Vertumnus is the divine aspect of Antinous representing his gift-giving ability. He holds a symbolic gift of fresh-ripened fruit and summertime blossoms which he is eager to give to you without reservation.

It is yours. No questions asked. Take it.

Vertumnus also symbolizes his ability to morph and change bad luck into good luck. The Ancient Etruscans believed Vertumnus was a shape-shifter who could change his form at will. He brought gifts and bounty to those who had the "eyes" to perceive him in his many guises.

The Romans adopted Vertumnus and he became associated with the changing bounty of summertime, when fruit and vegetables materialized out of the ground and ripened and were ready for harvest — the bountiful gifts of nature.

According to Ovid's Metamorphoses, Vertumnus was enthralled with Pomona, the goddess of orchard fruits, and desired to be one with her. But she spurned him.

He assumed many guises — a fisherman, a soldier, a peasant, a reaper, etc. — but she turned him away every time. Finally, he assumed the form of an old woman and was so aged and unattractive that Pomona let down her guard.

Thus, Vertumnus engaged her in conversation and they became inseparable — which was what Vertumnus had wanted all along.

Ovid says that the moral of the tale of Vertumnus and Pomona is that you should never judge a gift by its outward appearances. Never reject the hand of friendship.

The Aquarius Full Moon is about philanthropic generosity. The Ancient Romans celebrated the feast day of Vertumnus — the Vertumnalia — during the cycle of the Aquarius Full Moon in early times (and on August 13th in later times) by giving each other baskets of fruit, flowers and other symbols of nature's bounty. The Aquarius Full Moon is associated with Antinous/Vertumnus in Antinous Moon Magic rituals.

Go outside tonight and look up at the full moon, with shooting stars cascading from all sides. This is the FULL MOON to wake up and break free of all mental, spiritual, political and ideological strictures. It is the gift of an opportunity.

The PERSEID METEORS (which reach their peak at this time of year) are symbolically aimed at you.

Antinous is aiming his gifts of new opportunity directly your way. All you have to do is reach out and grasp it — and it's yours.

Thursday, August 3, 2017


WHATEVER you expect for the coming five or six months ... forget it ... because the unexpected will happen! 

Uranus planet of revolutionary change is retrograde (moving backwards as seen from Earth) once every year ... for about half of the year. 

On the global level, this means revolutions, destruction, disaster, assassinations and wholly unexpected political change. 

On the personal level, you will be forced to reevaluate your life. Retrograde Uranus is the proverbial slap in the face to bring you back to your senses — the kind of slap that stings, but for which you are grateful.

You can really use Uranus retrograde to your advantage. It is an ideal time to reflect on your life. 

Examine your past in relation to your future, and if there is an "Aha!" moment to be had, Uranus retrograde can help you find it.

Have you fallen into bad patterns of thought or behavior? Have you trapped yourself in a lifestyle or job that has not really been working for you, but you stuck with it because it was easier than changing? 

Uranus retrograde makes you see what brought you to where you are, face your fears and take you out of your comfort zone, ultimately guiding you to the realization that there are better paths to take.